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Smart farming is becoming the norm in developed countries This is a report funded by Microsoft on the disruption taking place in the food sector in New Zealand and around the world. I have been saying for some time that small farmers who carry on the traditional forms of farming will increasingly struggle to survive. Certainly, there is evidence that this transformation has taken hold in the US with 80% of farmers using some kind of smart farming technique (Smart AKIS, 2017) and that it is an emerging phenomenon…

Disruptive technologies in agriculture could usher in artificial milk and beef

              Disruptive technologies in agriculture are coming your way very soon. Get ready or join the dinosaurs. Would you buy artificial milk or beef if the price was right? United States-based entrepreneur and Stanford University lecturer Tony Seba was in New Zealand on Tuesday for a workshop on disruption technologies, which are new ways of doing things that disrupt or overturn traditional business methods and practices. He focuses on entrepreneurship, disruption and…
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