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How important is visual advertising in real estate in the digital era?

Like almost every profession and business niche, with the advent and prolific growth of the internet, real estate professionals have had to redefine how they market their company, products and services. With trillions of emails being sent daily, billions of videos being added to YouTube and millions of tweets being sent down the virtual tubes of the internet, the digital era has reinvented every industry. And no more so than real estate.

Despite having to adapt to changing consumer trends as a means of keeping up with the market and ultimately selling houses, the real estate industry still heavily relies on visual print advertising as an effective and essential tool in buying and selling houses.

The power of visuals:
As Steve Olenski, an expert commentator on advertising, marketing and the media, told Forbes:
The power of visuals in marketing and advertising is not the future, it is the present.”

In real estate, this key marketing philosophy is especially pertinent in real estate, primarily due to the fact you wouldn’t buy a house without seeing it first and you are unlikely to go a view a property without seeing pictures of it first.

The importance of providing potential buyers will large, clear, colourful and appealing images of the property to entice them to view it and ultimately lead to a sale is undisputed.

But how does this relate to print advertising? True, as the internet continues to gain prolificacy, there has been a huge growth in the number of online estate agents available. Despite the rise of online realtors, high street agents still remain the most popular and trusted means of buying and selling property. What’s more, visual advertising remains an imperative method to successfully selling real estate.

sorianoAs Property Industry Eye writes:
“Despite the growth of the internet and telesales techniques, selling and buying a property remains a local matter: the vast majority of buyers and seller still prefer a locally-based agent.

“They still look for a local branch with a signage presence and a team with local knowledge.”

Property Sales reiterates the importance of graphic displays in real estate advertising:

Colourful, eye-catching ‘for sale’ signs placed at the entrance of a property or on the side of a building or road, draws people’s attention to the piece of real estate.

In short, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words’ can certainly be applied to advertising. When a graphic is used, whether on a print or digital domain, it grabs people’s attention and helps strengthen their interest in what is being sold. In the highly competitive world of real estate, drawing people’s attention to property that’s for sale through eye-catching graphics, is imperative way to sell a property in a crowded market.


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Post available in: English Español

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