San Juan – Argentina, A progressive province looking for investors.

San Juan – The Very Special Argentine Province

Here is a cross section of videos of San Juan showing the progressive nature of the Province. The province of San Juan is situated in the region of Cuyo, and is bounded by the province of La Rioja on the north and the provinces of La Rioja and on the east with the provinces of San Luis and Mendoza on the south; and Chile on the west. Its total area is 89,651 square kilometers (2.4% of the national total).

Eighty percent of this area is occupied by steep relief with mountains of considerable height, from which descend the streams that feed the province’s few rivers. Only Jáchal and the San Juan, especially the latter, have significant river flows, and along their river beds lie productive valleys and small towns.

Due to the dry climatic conditions,  irrigation is vital to intensive agriculture and horticulture. Therefore, San Juan has been carrying out irrigation works, building canals, dams, and secondary canals, making use of hydroelectric power, and now achieves an efficient system of irrigation and drainage systems, around 2,000 km in length.

Tunnell de Agua Negra y Corredor Bioceanico Central that connects  Argentina, Chile y Brasil – passes by  Estancia Punta del Agua

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