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digitial-marketingHas Real Estate Digital Marketing Come of Age?

Marketing to today’s property buyers requires a measured, and proven scientific approach that capitalizes on the digital marketing opportunities in order to ensure optimal return on investment for your real estate assets. Not only has the Internet and Digital Marketing tools and strategies allowed you to cast a much wider marketing net than in the past, more importantly, it allows you to target your message with the right calls to action at the right intervals to build relationships with potential buyers at their exact point of need.

Our proven digital marketing framework has helped countless vendors generate thousands of leads that have resulted in millions of dollars in real estate sales for our clients. Whether you’re new to online real estate marketing of your properties or your current efforts are not yielding results, GTSA Real Estate Digital Targeted Marketing Strategies can help you build a comprehensive real estate digital marketing strategy or simply step in to augment what you have in place today. Our team can guide you on the best way to optimize your digital marketing strategy and develop the right mix of digital marketing templates to improve your return on investment, including:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Display advertising via pay per click (PPC)
Re-targeting advertising
E-mail marketing
Website Seo score checker

We aim to assist our local and domestic clients, buyers or vendors get the most out of their transaction by offering comprehensive advice and by minimizing risk.

We offer vendors bespoke marketing plans that are aimed at targeting particular demographics in order to attract qualified buyers and ensure a shorter sales period.

On the other hand, if you are a Developer in the Countries that we operate in and want to do your own selling but lack the international marketing channels to promote your project we can help there too. Want to Know More?

GTSA is a leading  LATAM Real Estate specialist specialising in Advanced Marketing Techniques

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