Potential new Argentine President Alberto Fernández is like a matryoshka doll, “you open it and out pops, Cristina, Lula, Chavez…”

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Argentine primary winner, Alberto Fernandez is like the Russian mamushka doll, “you open it and out pops Cristina Fernandez, again you open it and out pops Lula, and again, Hugo Chavez”, said Brazilian foreign minister Ernesto Araújo.

Money leaving Ezeiza after the shock election result

Araújo joined president Jair Bolsonaro, and Finance minister Paulo Guedes is openly expressing their aversion to the current political situation in Argentina, and the possibility of a return to office of a ticket that includes ex president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

”We will have to assess very carefully from a technical and political point of view what it will mean for Mercosur a change of vision, globally and regionally from Argentina. The Mercosur vision is an open integration project, and we would have to address the new situation¨, insisted Araújo.

“We are concerned we might be heading back to a time of negative results, negative impacts for both sides, Mercosur and EU, a radical approach change from Argentina can threaten the whole project”.

Alberto Fernandez statements imply risks since he visualizes no advantages in the EU deal from his protectionist philosophy…“I participated as part of the Brazilian delegation in the Mercosur/EU negotiations, during the Kirchner years, and I saw and I am well aware of their attitude contrary to any agreement. Now I am under the impression that the philosophy is the same”, and very different from that of presidents Bolsonaro and Macri.

Last week, Brazilian Finance minister Paulo Guedes was decisive in his statements, “if Cristina Kirchner returns to office and closes the Argentine economy, we’re out of Mercosur”.

Likewise president Bolsonaro from the very first moment was most critical of 11 August results condemning Kirchnerism and Latin American populism.

Bolsonaro forecasted Argentina would sink deep in chaos because the “lefty bandits” who won the primary election would follow on the steps of Venezuela.

The president also warned the people of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which borders with Argentina, ”you might be facing a situation similar to that of Roraima (border with Venezuela), flooded with refugees, and “we don’t want that for our Argentine brothers, we don’t want to see them running away, if the results of August are repeated in October”.

“With the possibility of the Sao Paulo Forum gang returning in Argentina, the people are withdrawing all their monies from the banks…and with populism, Argentina is ever closer to Venezuela”

From the jail Lula da Silva (2003/2010) described the victory of Alberto Fernandez as impressive, while removed ex president Dilma Rousseff (2011/2016) said victory represented, “light at the end of the tunnel for Argentina and Latin America”

Source: Mercopress

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