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Polo Schools close to Buenos Aires near Pilar

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Argentina polo Schools has always been the pride of the South American nation Argentina. Since 1949 Argentina polo team has uninterruptedly been the world champions. Argentina supplies the best 10 polo players of the world. Horse riding is a popular sport in the lands of Argentina. This tradition has helped in the triumph of Argentina polo in the international arena. Argentina has set up a good number of polo teaching classes to maximize the triumph by Argentina polo players.. Such polo schools set up their school with a big collection of polo ponies, polo fields. Not to cause any disruption at any weather, the wooden horses are also there over which the students can practice within the school timings. #adp02

The polo schools in Argentina are so high graded that their branches have been set up in big nations like United States of America, Netherlands, United Kingdom and many other European nations. If we talk of Argentina polo and not mention Heguy family, it will be injustice. The Heguys have been the major exponents of Argentina polo for generations. The Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo tournament is held in Argentina for more than 100 years and it is honored as one of top polo competitions in the world.

Brought to Argentina by English ranchers, the game of polo was quickly adapted by the Gauchos. A game called pato had been played in Argentina since the 1600’s.  It was played on horseback and enabled the Gauchos to develop good eye and hand coordination, a necessary skill for polo.  The first official polo match took place in Argentina in 1875 between English and Irish ranchers. Today, Argentina has risen to the top of the polo world. Young Argentine boys grow up learning to ride horses, and consequently become great polo players.

Every year in December over 30,000 polo fans descend upon Buenos Aires for the Argentine Open, the world most prestigious polo tournament.  In addition to breeding the best polo ponies in the world, the Argentinians take very seriously, and it shows. Argentina has won three polo World Championships — 1987 in Argentina, 1992 in Chile, 1998 in the United States.  Argentina also has the distinction of the most goals at the World Championships — 35 during the final matches, to name a few! ;Heriberto Duggan is considered Argentina best polo rider in history and was named best player in 1942; Today, Adolfo Cambiaso is Argentina polo superstar, and said to be the best polo player in the world.


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Post available in: English

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