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Personality requirements for a Residential Real Estate Salesperson

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You may not think that your personality has much to do with putting together tremendous residential real estate deals, but it does. Real estate is really an industry where your personal charm and wit count. The good news is that you can be flat broke, unattractive and not very well educated and still make a mint in real estate.  However what you can’t scrimp on are these personality traits:

1) Passion. Real estate is not a passive sort of career – especially at first. You don’t just sit around pushing pens. You are a doer, out there interacting with professionals and buyers and looking at properties. You must enjoy real estate and have a true interest in the industry in order to succeed. This requires people with high levels of energy.

2) Diligence. Good salesperson work hard. They love what they do, so that they enjoy putting in the hours. Nevertheless, they do not just sit around expecting residential real estate deals to fall into their lap.

3) Focus. Good salesperson don’t dabble in real estate, but really throw themselves in. They don’t just consider selling or try selling for a while. They give it their all.

4) Persistence. Savvy and successful real estate investors persist when obstacles arise and they work to overcome those obstacles. This drive not only helps them become successful where others give up, but this drive also helps them to grow in leaps and bounds. 

5) Curiosity. Smart sales people are curious about everything and are always eager to know more. They ask questions of everyone they meet – whether it’s a plumber, lawyer, or contractor. All those questions translate into lots of knowledge, which smart investors then write down and use to put together the sort of property deals most real estate newbies only dream of.

6) A desire to help. Sure, you want to become wealthy from real estate. The best way to do that, however, is by offering value and help to others. Successful real estate investors get that way because they are not just chasing the money. They are honestly trying to find the best solutions for tenants, buyers, and renters. When you go above and beyond, people remember that and they are willing to compensate you for it.

The good news is that even if you do not have these personality traits right now you can still start putting together phenomenal residential real estate deals by cultivating these traits. Try to incorporate these traits as part of your “daily MO” and don’t be surprised at what happens.

Geoffrey W McRae

CEO Gateway to South America


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