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Paraguay: A Land of Opportunity in the Heart of South America

It is the only country with two official languages: Guarani (Native) and Spanish. Our customs and traditions are unique; we drink Tereré, and eat the only solid soup in the world called Sopa Paraguaya, and nobody can distinguish our accent.

I invite you to discover this beautiful Guarani land with a lot to offer. Its climate is ideal all year round, we have the world’s largest reserve of fresh water, and we are far from earthquakes and other natural disasters and have very fertile and blessed soil.

Paraguay today is the best investment climate in the region; Top 5 regional ranking “Doing Business”2nd country with the best ROI of South America according to ECLAC (22%); Great Food Producer of the world; Thriving regional logistics centre; Young population (70/35); Platform to produce food for the world and products and services for the region; Stable, solvent, predictable and reliable (net creditor in almost 2-1) economy.

Our recent history is: Monetary Stability in the last 70 years (Guarani is the most stable currency in South America); Average GDP growth of 4.5% in the last 10 years; Consolidated Tax Scheme 10, 10.10Reestablished Markets and alliances; Inflation did not exceed 5% p.a. in the last five years; Increase of 60% vs. 2013 of maquila exports; Increasing foreign direct investment; New Investment of Paraguayan Capital (60%); Applications to set up new businesses tripled.

Paraguay in the World:

1st Renewable Energy;

2nd Stevia Producer;

3rd producer and exporter of Yerba Mate;

3rd in Fleet in barges;

4th exporter of soybeans;

4th largest exporter of soya oil;

4th exporter of yucca starch;

5th largest exporter of soy expeller;

5th largest exporter of Beef;

6th largest exporter of corn, 6th largest soybean producer;

10th largest exporter of wheat.

Available resources: young manpower; good prospects for the future; strategic location; low tax pressure; quality raw materials at low cost; cheap and clean electricity; economic stability and sustainable economic growth.

Come and discover a small democratic, free, mainly rural and sovereign country located in the heart of South America, consisting of large agricultural properties and livestock. Where forests, palm trees, rivers and lakes are part of the landscape of Paraguay.

Video of the Ministry from the Industry and Commerce of the Republic of Paraguay

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