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Having suffered from a liquidity crisis back in the 90s, Paraguay has gone to great lengths to ensure it’s seen as an ample investment opportunity. A host of financial reforms and thriving economic circumstances are just a tiny part of the country’s attempt to demonstrate the enormous growth potential and encourage businesses to invest in Paraguay.

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Paraguay’s banking and financial services industry had recovered well from the last decade’s liquidity crisis when news of pockets of corruption resulted in the closure of several banking institutions. Today, manifold reforms instituted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have helped restore credibility to Paraguay’s banking industry. The aim is to draw interest from savvy business people keen to invest in Paraguay and to market the nation as a key business destination.

Today, Paraguay’s Central Bank of Paraguay stands as an institution to stabilise the country’s financial sector, ensuring that a similar situation to the 90s crisis does not repeat itself. The Superintendencia de Bancos regulates the banking system, monitoring everything from liquidity to solvency and capital adequacy.

Paraguay’s economy is driven by its robust agriculture and cattle farming industries and large re-export activity of imported consumer goods to neighbouring countries. These activities are carried out by many SMEs, making the country’s industrial landscape slightly fragmented.

Recent growth has been robust. In this decade, Paraguay recorded economic growth of up to 15.3 per cent – the highest in Latin America.

One of the country’s key messages is that it is looking for new strategic partners to invest in Paraguay to help the nation achieve its full growth potential.

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Post available in: English

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