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Osorno located in Chile 10th Region gets a 10 out of 10 for Investors

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Dairy farms

The Lake District of Southern Chile, Osorno, is the agricultural centre of the 10th region. Located at the confluence of the Rahue and Damas rivers in the sight of the active but minor Osorno Volcano, the pasture growth is excellent as the volcanic soils are naturally fertile and predominantly free-draining.

The region has interestingly preserved much of the 19th century architecture and urban layout with its large park decorated with beautiful fountains, benches and stunning tree-lined avenues in the city’s heart ‘La Plaza de Armas’. One of the main landmarks the ‘Catedral San de Matteo’ is remarkable as Osorno’s architectural gem with its ogival style, well-known for it’s distinguished large and colourful mosaics and windows of biblical representations.

The ‘Los Lagos’ region experiences an oceanic climate with a drying trend in the summer and cool yet mild winters. This unique agricultural center, making up the bulk of the Osorno province’s economic activity, is well suited to the breeding of Chilean horses, cattle and notably dairy farming.

Subsequently it has been made the National Cattle ranch of Chile thus significantly promoting the growing economy. Due to it’s similar climate characteristics to areas of New Zealand, many of the dairy farms are owned by Kiwis, such as the Manuka group who own 14 farms run by local Chileans and Chilterra a joint Chilean/New Zealand enterprise. This partnership has grown due to a combination of lower farm development costs, readily available materials and high levels of sanitary control meaning that dairy cooperatives produce a milk of high quality.

Incomparable to any other Latin American province Osorno offers the impressive Puyehue National Park’s pristine lakes, hot springs and thick forests which open onto sensational beaches and bays such as Maicolpué and Bahía Mansa.

Chile is considered the Latin American country with least investment risk and high competitiveness as a strong guarantee for foreign investors as a result of economic stability, monetary discipline and it’s strategic platform for export with a large number of free trade agreements including Europe, the USA and China. Amongst an assortment of annual festivals such as that of the ‘Festival del Folklore Campesino’ (Country Folk) and ‘Festival de la Carne y la Leche’, the most relevant ‘Feria Ganadera Sago Fisur’ highlights the encouraging current state of cultural activity.

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