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Oportunidades en real estate: hoteles de lujo con rentas del 10% en dólares

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Oportunidades en real estate

To achieve this utility, propose a centralized management model, where completely eliminate the intermediate positions. It is a way of gaining profitability without compromising on service. One advantage for the investor is that you can use your room for 20 days a year out of high season and have a special rate if you go during the holidays.

How do today the big chains to expand? They have three alternatives: either they put all the money needed for investment in the establishment, looking for an investor to do it for them, or try to capture more interested in investing, so that everyone owns at least one bedroom. Then, with the daily operations income is divided, regardless of the use you have had the room in question.
This is the model followed by the Intercontinental Nordelta, the Faena in Puerto Madero, and often use Accor, which owns Sofitel The Hilton and Caesars.
In Brazil, most of the hotels increased with this model, since it is easier to find many investors who put u $ s 140,000 for a room rather than a single allocate u $ s 14 million to build 100 rooms. In Argentina, this system is increasingly popular because it is the number one tourist destination in South America for a short time, having overtaken cities such as Rio de Janeiro. This caused many international tour operators put today his gaze on the square which is dominated by less formal enterprises and that most do not integrate chains, details German Gomez Picasso, CEO of Real Estate Report.
The starting point of the business is when developmentalist have a product and a related brand looking to the hotel sector, for both administering it as a hook for it to transmit security to the investor.
“We’re growing with this model,” says Sebastian Abramzon, CEO of Mantra Resort, hotel which was known to have headquarters in Punta del Este, but is now raising a complex Escobar u $ s 60 million and another in Cologne u $ s 15 million. The advantage of the Uruguayan resort is enjoying tax incentives to develop the area for which taxes are much lower than in Punta del Este.
In both cases, the proposal to investors is to buy a garage from u $ s 16,000 and a room for $ s 140,000, in exchange for an income ranging between 8 and 10% annually in dollars.
In fact, companies and construction companies that invest in two or three departments. “It is that, as the purchase is made ​​well, once the hotel is up and begins to be profitable, value added is generated,” says Abramzon.
Business logic resides in building hotels of no more than 70 or 80 rooms, and equipping the property in simplicity, so as not to bear cost overruns.
In Buenos Aires the hotels are already full, but Mantra ensure that the opportunities are in the hinterland. In Escobar, for example, there is a niche to cater to social events and auto parts and consumer Pacheco area, Olivos, Pilar Garin Cardales and companies.

Business secret

Now, how can investors get a return of up to 10% per year? “It is to propose a model of centralized management, which completely eliminate the intermediate positions. It’s a way of gaining profitability without compromising on service,” explains Abramzon.
The management positions are in Punta del Este one of the most exclusive areas in which refers to the hospitality and cuisine and putting trend in the summer, and from there serve Cologne, where there is only operational positions, with one person in charge of each position. Thus, they can save 25% on wages, whose costs are virtually dollarized and were rising well above inflation, impossible to move because prices would fall outside market. In the past three years, the increase in the wage bill was 32% annually.

Source: Mariano Gorodisch Punta del Este Special Envoy

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