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Here is an interesting conversation between a group of Chilean business people and an American investor living part time in Chile.

They were curious to understand his take on Chile as a foreigner.

He told them that Chile is far from perfect. But there’s one very special reason why he spends so much time there.

entrepreneur or an InvestorHe said it is not some cliché that Chile is the most beautiful place in the world.

There are countless beautiful places in the world and Chile is certainly one of them.

In the north of Chile lies the driest desert in the world with its absolutely majestic night skies.

Moving further south, Chile very quickly turns into a Tuscan like country side. Followed by a Swiss/Austrian like country side. Followed by the surreal vistas of Patagonia. And then finally the Antarctica.

All of this is part of the same country.

What makes Chile so special is not its exceptional climate either.

The Koppen Climate Classification for Central Chile is less formally known as the “Mediterranean climate”, which means four beautiful, mild seasons.

This  climate classification is exceedingly rare and only exists in a handful of countries in the world.

Nor is the best thing about Chile the favorable lifestyle and abundant opportunities there.

The cost of living is reasonable and Santiago in particular, is safe, modern and advanced.

From Santiago, it’s roughly an hour’s drive to both the ski slopes and the Pacific Ocean.

Economically, there’s tremendous business, investment, and even employment opportunity there.

Chile is rapidly becoming a high-income nation; there’s a robust and growing middle-class with lots of disposable income. Yet at the same time there’s a noticeable shortage of many high-quality products and services.

He was amazed that even something as simple as a high-quality restaurant could be pretty innovative down there.

But while all of those aspects of Chile are really nice, there’s one more thing that makes this place really special:

This is the easiest place on the planet to obtain residency for any nationality. And as an entrepreneur, this is an unparalleled benefit.

You can form a local business here in a day. And with your new company, the first 25 employees can all be foreigners.

If you want to open an Indian restaurant for example, you could easily bring five or six chefs directly from India.

If you want top-quality Spanish-speaking servers, you can bring another group from Cancún or Nicaragua.

Or say you’re running an IT business and want to bring a team of programmers from Russia– you can do that too.

And the process of obtaining legal residency for them is incredibly simple and cost effective.

He relished the freedom to hire the best people in the world as opposed to having to hire people that some government regulation forces you to choose from.

Being completely unconstrained by the local labour market means that one is not being held back by talent.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or investor, or just a foreigner looking for a nice, safe place to live, this is a huge benefit.

And here in Chile is the only place in the world where it’s so incredibly simple.

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