In Argentina, a private study highlights that farming has a “very good image” in their society

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According to a survey by Synopsis Consultores and Amplificagro, almost 70% of those consulted considered it so; the opinion on the policies of the Government towards the activity.

A report by a private consultant revealed that the country has “a good image of the agricultural sector” and that “it is not justified to continue creating taxes just to cover expenses.” Through an extensive study in which the main industries of the country are contemplated, it is reflected that The countryside is considered the main engine of the Argentine economy.

In the study by Synopsis Consultores and Amplificagro, they indicate that 69.2% of those surveyed have a good or very good image of the countryside and agribusiness. Also, point out that 78.1% consider that the countryside is the main engine of the Argentine economy, while 10.5% believe that it is the manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, 3.5% responded that it is actually the financial system, 1.7% believe that it is the energy sector, and 0.8% consider that it is the services sector, to the same extent as it does the technological.

On the other hand, 50.1% indicated that “the countryside and agribusiness should be the main economic engine of the country”, and 28.7% consider that it should be the manufacturing industry. Along these lines, 8.8% believe that it should be the technology sector and only 4.2% the energy sector; to a lesser extent, with 2.4% the financial system.

Tax pressure on Farming

Regarding the tax pressure on the economic sectors, it was observed that 77.2% responded that the agricultural sector is in charge of supporting public accounts. In comparison, only 5.8% placed the oil and gas sector as the second that contributes the most and 0.9% to the mining sector.

Regarding the relationship of the Government of Alberto Fernández with the countryside, they point out that only 6.1% responded that the agricultural sector is the one that gets along best, over the 32.5% that responded that it is the oil and gas sector. While 14.5% warned that the best relationship between the parties is in the mining sector, and 46.9% don’t/dodon’t agree.

In this sense, as reflected in the study, as to whether the Government’s agricultural policy helps to improve or contributes to a worsening of the productive potential of the field, 19% answered that it improves a lot and 69.3% answered that “it worsens something or a lot”. Thus, they indicated that 80.6% consider that the agricultural sector gets along worse with the Government, compared to the mining sector (2.8%) and the oil sector (1.1).

In the report that looks at the economic sectors and their contributions to society, they also warn that it is not justified to continue creating taxes to cover the expenses of social demands. In this sense, they point out that 78.76% believe it is “little justified or not at all justified” to create more taxes. However, only 17% consider it between “very justified and justified”.

Thus, it is detailed that the perception that society has about how much each economic sector contributes or not to the development of the country, for which 55.8% consider that the agricultural sector contributes “a lot”. Meanwhile, 18.3% say that “quite a lot”, while 17.4% believe that it contributes little and only 4.5% that “it does not contribute anything” .

The survey was carried out on 1,133 cases from the main cities of the provinces throughout the country between August 24 and 26, 2022, where 52.1% were women and 47.9% were men. Of this total, they point out that only 7.3% have a link with the field, while 92.7% say they do not.

Upon reaching the age range, it is realized that 31.8% of those surveyed are between 16 and 28 years old, while 35.2% are between 30 and 49 years old. It is followed by 19% between 50 and 64 years old, in addition, 14% is between 65 or more.

Source: La Nacion

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