How to Register a New Company in Peru:

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Do you want to form a company in Peru but don’t know where to start?  It can be frustrating being unaware of the company incorporation process in another country. In this article, we remove a headache and provide you with all the information you need to successfully register a company in the growing economy of Peru.

Let’s get right into it.

What Type of Company Should I Form in Peru?

There are different types of company structures you can choose from to start your business in Peru. The right one depends on your business needs and goals. However, which type of company do most people form in Peru and what are its requirements?

The short answer:

You will most likely be forming a Sociedad Anonima Cerrada (S.A.C.) when starting a business in Peru due to its limited liability and flexible nature. An S.A.C is similar to a Private Limited Company. Check out next section to see the other requirements for this type of company.

What Are the Company Formation Requirements for S.A.C. in Peru?

In order for your company to be considered and formed as an S.A.C. it must meet the following requirements and characteristics:

  1. Have a minimum of 2 shareholders – no more than 20 shareholders, and can be of any nationality/residency or individual/corporation.
  2. No minimum capital requirements – However, we recommend at least $350 USD.
  3. Be of limited liability – liability is limited to the par value of the shares they hold.
  4. Have a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or General Manager domiciled in Peru.
  5. Have company name ending with Sociedad Anónima Cerrada or the abbreviation S.A.C.

*This type of company structure does not require a board of directors and does not quote on the stock exchange

Now let’s move on to see what you need to do to get your company incorporated in Peru.

How to Form a Business in Peru

When starting a business in Peru, there is a list of things you should do and keep in mind when forming your company.

Power of Attorney in Peru

To establish a closely-held corporation (S.A.C.) a Power of Attorney is required.

The Power of Attorney must be

  • Granted by Deed
  • Legalised by Peruvian Consul in the correct/relative country
  • Recorded at the Public Register of Companies in Peru

*Each one of the shareholders must grant a separate power of attorney

Register your Business in Peru

You will need to register your business with the Peruvian Public Register of Companies. Some documents you might need include:

  • Your company’s name (approved by the public register)
  • Company director details and registered office address
  • Description of your companies activities
  • Shareholders details along with their identity cards
  • Memorandum of association and articles of association
  • Amount of capital and proof of capital payment

* Proof of capital should be a certificate from the bank – at least 25% of share capital must be fully paid before you incorporate your business in Peru.

What Are the Accounting Requirements in Peru?

You must keep accurate accounting books and financial statements of your company.

Financial statements must be:

  • Filed in accordance with the tax and accounting requirements in Peru
  • Kept in Spanish
  • In the national currency (Peruvian nuevo sol)
  • Presented at shareholder meetings (at least once a year)

How Long Does It Take to Incorporate a Business in Peru?

It takes about 6-8 weeks to incorporate a business in Peru when you have the best lawyers to get you through the process.

Challenges of Doing Business in Peru

Peru offers plenty of business opportunities for anyone looking to start a business in the country. However, you have to make sure your company is set up the right way so you can avoid legal problems in the future. After setting up your company, make sure you are always in compliance with tax laws and employment laws in Peru.

Source: Biz Latin Hub

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