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How to get a Prepaid Movistar MicroSim Card in Argentina for a Apple 6

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This is the easiest way I know to get started. A friend has just returned from the US with a new Apple 6 phone that only takes a micro chip. There are lots of options but this is the easiest in my opinion. Use Movistar.

You find Movistar at  Av. Santa Fe 1844 (corner of Callao and Santa Fe).

Here is the process: #adp02

  • Someone will greet you as you enter. They will have a Tablet. They will ask you your name and what you are looking to do. Give your name to them and then tell them you are looking to buy a prepago micro chip. They will enter in your name and request into the Tablet.
  • Then go up an escalator where you’ll see an LCD screen with your name. There will be two numbers associated with your name. A No. 0XX and number for a desk.  There will be a series of desks around the floor. They all have numbers on them. Find the number that correlates details on the screen. The lower numbers are located back down the escalator on the main floor.
  • Ask for a pre-paid chip and show them your phone. They will know which phone takes which chip (at least they knew an iphone4 takes a micro-sim). I just said “Chip prepago” and they knew what I was looking for.
  • There will be a series of questions. You will need your passport, a credit card, and your address in Buenos Aires.
  • They will write all of that down in their computer, they will probably dissapear once or twice to a printer and to get the chip.
  • They will insert the chip into your phone and ensure it is activated and working.
  • You will need to sign the document they print out.
  • In about 15 minutes you are back on the street with a pre-paid phone.


Your phone won’t have any credit on it when you walk out of the Movistar office. You’ll need to add credit to it. There is a Kiosko all around the city where you can buy credit.

To add the credits you bought at the Kiosko simply:

  • call *444 and wait for the nice voice
  • press 2 and wait for the nice voice
  • press 1 and wait for the nice voice
  • Enter the number that was under the scratch away section of the credit you bought
  • Enter #
  • Hang up

You can also recharge without having to go through the voice commands.

  • Go to your phone application
  • Dial *444*The number that was under the scratch away section of the credit you bought#
  • Hit call.
  • You will receive an instant confirmation that your credit was added.

An other, and often easier way to add credit is to simply go into any Locoturiou (you’ll see them everywhere) and ask to recharge your moviestar phone. They will ask you what your number is and how much you’d like to add to your account. They will type that information into a machine and you will receive a text telling you the amount has been added. You pay the clerk in cash.

You should almost immediately receive a text saying that the credit was added to your account.

Buying Data Access

There are a number  of prepaid data packages you can get. It is cheap.

To activate it simply text “Datos” (without the quotes) to 2345. You’ll get a text back saying it will be activated shortly. Then a text a moment after that saying that it is activated. You’re now all set.

That is it. Good luck

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  • 08/06/2015

    Since writing this article some time ago I would add this caution. If you are wanting to travel around South America and use Buenos Aires as a base I would recommend using Personal Black as a cellular company to use. Movistar coverage is very poor and if you use data very disappointing outside BA.

  • 12/04/2012

    No you can keep it or give it to a friend to use. All very simple.

  • 12/04/2012

    Must the chip be returned?
    I was trying to avoid another trip to the store on the last day.

    Leon Bell
  • 14/11/2011

    Hi Jessica. I have never heard of anyone doing that.
    I have a iphone 4 with pre paid 3G data and have found that there is so much free WiFi available in Argentina that I don’t use the 3G data for email.
    However if you are using your phone functions for other purposes then you will need to sign up with Movistar or a similar provider..
    Keep in mind for your clients that they can get a sim card without data from most Kiosks for around AR 10 pesos from the local providers. Personal, Claro, Moviestar etc. Great service and cheap.
    Regards Geoffrey

  • 14/11/2011

    Do you know if it’s possible to pre-order the SIM card before arriving in Argentina? I am travelling with a group and probably wont be able to make it to this store until the 2nd week I am there, and I really want my phone (iphone 4s) working before i get there. Please let me know if you can, thanks!!

  • 04/11/2011

    A few days ago I called in to the Santa Fe office get a micro sim for my wife’s new Apple 4 phone. It took no more than 10 mins and the staff where very helpful and efficient. There was no cost to change from the old chip to the new one. The new pre pay chip also had data which the old one didn’t. Great service.

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