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How much per square metre is housing in Buenos Aires? The most expensive and the cheapest neighbourhoods

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According to the report of Properati and Oikos Bs. As., some neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires have increased more than 60 percent in the last twelve months.

Buying a property in the city of Buenos Aires (CABA) in March 2018 was 10.6 percent more expensive than doing it during the same month of last year, with respect to last February, the values increased by 1.5 percent. This data follows from the April report by Properati and Oikos Bs.As. On the results of the real estate sector in the past month. The survey also details the average price changes per square metre of the different Buenos Aires neighbourhoods, some of them recorded a rise greater than 110 percent.

The increase in the value of the properties goes hand in the fall in the number of deeds of purchase/sales reported during March of 2018. From December 2017 to February this year, average property prices grew by 2 percent – from USD 2618 to USD 2672 – while the property transfers decreased by 48.5 percent during the same period – from USD 7850 to USD 4036.

Puerto Madero continues as the most premium neighborhood in CABA with an average price per square metre of US $7038 – an interannual variation of 21.5 percent. The second place occupied it Palermo, whose values scaled 21.8 percent over March 2017 – from USD 3421 a square meter to USD 4167 – while Belgrano completed the podium with average values of USD 4039, 23.3 percent more expensive than in the same month of the previous year.

On the other side of the ranking was Villa Lugano, which continues as the most economical Porteño neighborhood to acquire a property with USD 1403 in average per square metre – 0.9 percent cheaper than in February 2018. Meanwhile, Villa Riachuelo was ranked as the second most accessible in the list – USD 2022 the square meter – and La Boca was third-USD 2044-, although it recorded an annual increase of 41.8 percent.

Among those suburbs who increased their prices over the last year stands out New Pompeii, whose prices recorded an increase from 110.6 percent – from USD 1001 to USD 2108-. Parque Avellaneda also exhibited major changes at the annual level with an increase of 86.6percent – from USD 1282 to USD 2393 – as well as Villa Pueyrredón, which, according to the report, increased its average values per m2  74.3 percent–from USD 1772 to USD 3090

Source: Apertura

Go to the original article to see the citywide graphs showing the values.

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