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How GTSA uses SEO, key words and relevant articles to drive traffic to its Real Estate websites.

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SEO for Real Estate Marketing

The methods I am going to talk about in this article have not been learnt in online courses, nor have they been taken from theory manuals you can download for a price on the Internet. Everything I am going to discuss has been gained from hard experience, both as a real estate marketer and  a hands on real estate broker having over 20 plus years experience in marketing international properties.

Is Writing an SEO Real Estate Article Complicated?

No. There are no magic formulas or weird science to SEO, and there’s no right or wrong way of doing things. There are guidelines, however, as you will discover in this two-part article.

SEO writing is very much a matter of common sense, and the application of some very simple points that are based on the idea of well constructed articles, and well constructed websites. Surprised? Don’t be. Just read on.

SEO writing is no more complicated than writing a standard article for a magazine, the only difference being, there are a couple of other factors to consider. But the basics are always the same, which is where I am going to kick this article off.

Get The Basics Right

When the article is for your own website the most important thing to always remember when writing a Search Engine Optimized post or article (SEO), is to make it a Quality Information article. Here is one or our more recent examples

By good article, I mean the article must be useful to the reader. It should provide them with a benefits they can visualize, or offer something of value to them that is applicable and relevant to their lives or businesses. It should be something they can relate to easily.

There’s no point in writing a technically good SEO article, for it to be a load of nonsense to the reader. Not only will the website concerned lose a potential customer or lose out on traffic, but the article will become a non-entity and be a complete waste of everyone’s time.

If the article is no good to the reader, don’t expect it to be picked up or linked to by affiliates, link marketers, or any other medium that could have provided valuable promotion or marketing – all of which would have boosted the website’s rankings.

Always remember to write for the HUMAN who will read the article at the end of the line, not the search engine algorithm that finds it. Get that right, and you are already half way there!

Components of SEO Content

An SEO article is made up of two distinct, but very important components:

1) it has to contain relevant and value added content
2) it has to be supported by good website infrastructure

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Post available in: English


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