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Why Homestage an Office or Apartment for Sale?

homestagerIf you were planning to attend an important function, most likely you’d carefully choose what clothes, makeup and accessories to wear. As you’d like to look your best and create a favourable first impression, possibly you’d also decide to buy a new outfit, or rent a tuxedo or ball gown. Even the worlds top models use plenty of props to enhance the “look”.

Home Staging for Marketing (interior design) follows the same principle, applying it to a home, office or apartment being prepared for sale.

It is important to note that homestaging is not “decorating” – instead, the professional homestager  takes the “your” out of “your home” and dresses the property to appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers – as they might wish to see it. In depersonalising the home, the homestager shows it at its best, broadening its appeal to the market.

It is equally important to homestage at any point in the property cycle. The Americans say that homestaging gives “curb appeal” – there are numerous examples of purchasers buying within minutes of walking into a staged home. We can’t promise such quick results, but you’ll be amazed at the favourable impression and positive “vibe” created.

Why has this  aid become so popular with vendors looking to sell.?  Simple really, it dramatically speeds up the selling process by introducing more qualified buyers and thus shorting the selling time.

Our home stage provider services consist of 4 stages.
1 An initial photographic survey or the property to decide on props needed.
2 A preparation of the report which lists the most important aspects to change or enhance and the costs involved.
3 Preparation of the work, if necessary touch-up painting, cleaning or arrangements.
4 Final Preparation of the premises by our team. Rental or purchase of decorative elements if necessary. Photographs, and advice from the promotion of the property taken.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development reports that a staged property sells, on average, 17% higher than an unstaged house.

Statistics suggest staged homes sell at an average of  6.32% over what they are listed for.  Non staged homes only average 1.6% below the listed price.

A staged house sells faster:  The New York Village Voice reported that the average number of days on the market for a staged house was 13.9 versus 30.9 days for an unstaged house.

DID YOU KNOW  Only 10% of home buyers can actually visualize the  potential of a home.

This service is offered in Buenos Aires by one the cities top Home Staging Companies. Call us and we will introduce you to their services.

“Dress your house for Success”

See the difference

A Recent Example done in Buenos Aires for a Client

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Post available in: English Español

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