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Marcia Williamson has been a successful GTSA – Buenos Aire’s broker since 2013 helping foreign and local buyers get the best price for their properties in which is at times, a difficult market for the uninitiated to transverse.

It is not hard to see why when she gets recommendations similar to this one.

“It is with enthusiasm and deep appreciation that I write a letter of recommendation for Gateway to South America real estate agent Marcia Williamson

I interviewed several agents before deciding to go with Marcia. From our very first meeting, it became obvious that I would choose her. She came prepared with specific data about the housing market in my neighbourhood, explained the bureaucratic process of selling an apartment in Buenos Aires and discussed many details that a seller needs to know after the sale, including if the seller plans to leave the country. None of the other prospective agents came even close to providing such useful information. 

Marcia gave good advice on how to price the apartment as well as worthwhile suggestions for presenting the apartment in the best possible way to prospective buyers. She kept track of all the documents that a seller must provide in order to avoid delays in expediting the reserva and escritura process. 

When I signed with Marcia to sell the apartment, neither of us had any idea of the Covid-19 pandemic that was to afflict the city within a few weeks. With Marcia’s help, we were able to sign the reserva with the prospective buyer after dealing with a unique set of circumstances only a consummate professional would be able to handle. She fostered excellent relationships and communications with the buyer’s real estate agent, the buyer’s rather eccentric escribana, and with me. Although Marcia is a native English speaker, she communicates very well in Spanish. 

Because of the pandemic and resulting quarantine we had to delay the closing by almost three months. Throughout the time, Marcia continued to communicate with all the appropriate parties and worked tirelessly to ensure that the closing would occur within a brief window of opportunity. While always maintaining a positive, friendly and respectful manner, she could be tough as nails when she had to, such as when she negotiated closing logistics with the escribana. Marcia made sure to look after my best interests, for which I’ll always be grateful.  

Because of the urgent circumstances of the closing, which had to be moved up several days to avoid another lockdown of the city, Marcia went above and beyond the call of duty to help ensure that the apartment would be ready for closing. She and her husband came by to help move large furniture up a flight of stairs to store in another space so that the apartment would be clear in time for the closing. This extraordinary effort on their part helped me immeasurably. 

After the closing, at my request, Marcia volunteered to take part in a Zoom meeting with my accountant and me to discuss how to process the proceeds of the apartment sale under the Argentine tax laws. This was yet another instance of going beyond the call of duty.  

I have nothing but superlatives to describe Marcia’s talent and professionalism as a real estate agent. Thanks to her efforts I received the best possible price for my apartment and we accomplished the sale during an extraordinarily difficult time. THANK YOU, MARCIA!


Howard Glenn Maurer”

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Post available in: English Español


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  • Geoffrey McRae says:

    This is one of the most impressive testimonials I have seen in 35 years of real estate.

  • Pablo Manes Marzano says:

    Congratulations Marcia. She is an excellent broker and person.

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