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GTSA Video Marketing is a unique real estate marketing medium, often doing more in a few minutes than pictures or words can. It inspires, educates and empowers viewers to share with others, creating an incredible opportunity for real estate owners to better engage with potential buyers. As the most sought after and trusted type of content available online, video offers tremendous marketing benefits, including improved visibility in search rankings, and increased time spent viewing your property.

Real estate video marketing is an increasingly important marketing tool and integral to creating a well-planned digital marketing strategy. GTSA has the on-site staff, including our own aerial videographer that can produce beautiful videos of properties and for our clients, managing every aspect of the video process to produce high definition videos of your communities, amenities and surrounding area, including:

High Definition aerial videography
Pre and post production services
Scripting and editing with music and voice over
Digital video and digital display video
Here are the reasons why video marketing can provide a better return on investment:-

Why Video ?

We (people) like to watch videos

If the first thing you noticed on this page is the video player (image) above, then it proves the point. More so if you clicked on the image, before you finished reading first paragraph. Sorry for the bluff , but we just wanted to prove the point, so we created the video player like image not a real one.

Reading is more work for our brain so it subconsciously prefers the video because information is fed in readily consumable format (visual, graphical and audio).

Video provides more information in shorter amount of time – Videos are more effective in communicating the message in shorter amount of time – which is what makes it a better tool, given the short attention span you get from online site visitors. Its unrealistic to expect your site visitors to read 3 paragraphs about how excellent your property is but highly feasible that they will watch a 30 second video.

Video is better for SEO ( Google Search English Optimisation).  SEO for real estate can be overrated. Why? It takes a long time before you see results, takes a lot of advertising money and efforts.  Search engine rules are always changing and companies spend a lot of money to stay on the first page. We should  know as we are on the first page when you type in “Real Estate in South America”.

If you have videos on your site or uploaded videos on youtube or Vimeo, relevant to user searched keywords, then you can beat those who are trying to get to front page using text for those keywords.

Not a lot of competition – Creating video is perceived as a difficult task so less vendors are doing it right now, hence it can provide a competitive edge in promoting your property.

Additional social and search marketing channels – Youtube is the second largest search engine right after Google. Additionally, websites all over the web embed videos from youtube and this opportunity to get these visitors and viewers is only available if you have videos to share. For high quality properties Vimeo is now the preferred delivery system.




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Post available in: English

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