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GTSA Social Media Real Estate Marketing – How well are we doing ?

GTSA Social Media Real Estate Marketing – How well are we doing ?

Over the past two years the way real estate is presented to clients has changed dramatically right around the world. In the past you could put an advertisement in the local newspaper and expect the phone to ring. Property sold.

Now that we have a global market place and so much immigration and migration between previously unconnected counties we have a new challenge. How to reach the attention of busy stressed people looking for change or to preserve wealth. Some may not even speak the same language of the country they are considering living or investing in.

For example 50% of the luxury homes in the UK were sold to Asians last year. Many of this older generation cannot communicate in English let alone Spanish or Portuguese.  It is the same in Australia and now it so in South America. How do you reach these potential buyers. This is where social media comes in. 80% of upper class potential buyers now communicate by Smart Phones or Tablets. They get their news, email and daily fix of entertainment on these devices.  Fixed line internet connections are on the way out.

GTSA spends a significant part of is corporate marketing budget on this form of media. This along with specialised email marketing and traditional media gives us a greater platform to present new opportunities to investors, life stylers and residential clients using tools that where never available before. How well are we doing ?  I recent snapshot using Klout with some other media monitors show we are doing very well in comparison to our peers.

 GTSA Twitter Account for the Month of April 2012

GTSA Kout score for the Month of April 2012

Top International Brokers Klout Score for the month of April 2012

 Local Argentine Company Scores for Klout in April 2012

A high score by itself is not guarantee of success in marketing but this along with experienced people new selling tools like vendeRAPIDO plus strong International Alliances which gives us an edge that is difficult to match.

Our next move is to use the latest technology in website design to build on our existing experience in website marketing, We hope to launch this site in July 2012 and it will give clients even more exposure to an International Market than they can currently have.

Contact me for more information

Geoffrey W W McRae

Gateway to South America -Founder and CEO

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