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email marketingBuyers today are more empowered with information, which means sending them unwanted e-mails at the wrong time can actually result in the opposite of your desired goal.

GTSA Email Marketing Services for Property Owners:

Our GTSA team produces hundreds of real estate e-mail marketing campaigns for our clients each year comprised of different properties and investment options that are designed to target investors and buyers with the right content at the right time, ensuring engagement and re-engagement through the buying process. Each campaign ranges from simple text-based e-mails or template based e-mails to more robust, custom campaigns. We manage all of these services with our in-house experts.

Our approach to direct e-mail campaigns is broken down into several key areas, and within each area, campaigns will vary in content and cadence. To join our lists fill out the details below.

Through our research, we have developed a scientific approach to deploying the right cadence of messages for the type of e-mail marketing program you may be employing. For example, an Agriculture investor cadence may be once per month staying top of mind or presenting a special offer.

Re-engagement cadence might be three consecutive e-mails two weeks apart followed by a specific drip nurturing campaign once the lead engages with a sales person.

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