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I trust everyone had a happy Easter and found the time to relax with family and friends.
Here is a short update on what is happening in GTSA.

Buenos Aires: Residential brokers Roxana and Marcia have just returned after enjoyable holidays with families. The local market is still active in the areas that we specialize in with many Argentines looking to take advantage of the low prices before the foreigners can start buying again when the dollar restrictions ease.
Contact [email protected]

Mendoza: Mauricio Pereyra from Mendoza has joined us to help now that Carlos and Daniel (Venezuelans) have moved back to Central America. His expertise is in vineyards.
Contact: [email protected]

There is lot of large prime lifestyle properties on the market in Argentina but until there is some more flexibility with the dollar and the new land laws which are in many cases still awaiting Provincial Government Registration to be finished, it is in the main too hard to help clients.

Distressed Farms Syndicate: We are currently investigating the practicality of setting up a Distressed Farm Syndicate in Argentina and Uruguay due to the high level of farms available that are in financial difficulty. It is envisaged that investors would be a mixture of local and foreign.
Contact: [email protected]

Chile: Pablo Forti has listed over the past few months an excellent range of farms and lifestyle properties. The market is active with the strong dollar making prices attractive for foreigners as local Chilean farm prices are in CL Pesos. I think we would have the best range of farm properties available in Chile currently. Along with our relationship in the US with two of the most important high-end farm brokers in the US gives us a very strong base.
Contact: [email protected]

Paraguay: Pablo Engel from Paraguay is in the process of joining us to help with attracting more listings both there and in the South American countries he works from. He is based in Buenos Aires. We have currently also marketing Farm Development Syndicates to Investors looking for above average returns.
Contact: [email protected]

Uruguay: Alfonso is active with investors looking to buy in the farm market.
Contact: [email protected]

Brazil: non-active
Peru: non-active

We will be in Puerto Montt next week assisting Pablo Forti with a farm buyer looking at dairy farms in the region.
Have a good week.

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