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GTSA – Activity Update for April 2015

Here is a short update on what is happening in GTSA in the past month.


Residential – Buenos Aires
The Buenos Aires residential market is starting to move again with sales up 23.6% in March. Prices are down on past years.

Farm Market: The farm market is showing a little more optimism with the belief that with the current administration gone in the upcoming elections reason might prevail and with that profits will return. Despite the obstacles in front of investors to buy they are taking the risk on the basis that the business climate will improve.

Commercial – Buenos Aires: Apart from some minor leasing activity non-active.

Horticulture – Mendoza: Non-active

Lifestyle: Non-active

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Brazil: Since their devaluation and a softening of prices serious buyers are returning to the market looking for commercial opportunities. Some very big farm sales are taking place.

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Chile:  This market is still proving very active with considerable interest being shown by foreign buyers along with a number of sales taking place of commercial farms in the South.
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Paraguay:  This market is very active here too with our new brokers busy with potential fund buyers looking for undeveloped farms for our clients of 1,000 ha or more.

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Peru: Clients are actively looking for horticulture irrigated properties of 400 ha and above.

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Uruguay: We are active with medium sized investors looking to buy into the farm market.
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