German Agri Terra Group offers investments in Paraguayan agriculture

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Founded by brothers Carsten and Michael Pfau in 2012, the Munich headquartered investment advisor Agri Terra has grown into a global player regarding investment opportunities in Paraguay.  Hundreds of clients have used the services of the fast-growing company in order to participate in projects such as cattle breeding, orange plantations or vegetable production in greenhouses in Paraguay, a landlocked country in the heart of South America.

Based on the ongoing support from its investors, Agri Terra now finds itself among the top 1% of Paraguayan cattle owners, operates the third largest orange plantation in the country, and is among the most notable owners of greenhouses for the production of organic fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, the group holds a controlling interest in Paraguay´s fifth largest fruit and vegetables wholesale company, and it has commissioned the development of Paraguay´s most modern processing plant for orange juice concentrate. Agri Terra also plans a chain of whole food markets and a brand of freshly squeezed orange juice. 

All over the world, available agricultural land is decreasing as cities are growing, while at the same time an increasing world population requires more and more food. As a logical consequence, the value of farmland is increasing steadily. An asset as conservative as farmland is well on its way to

become one of the most lucrative and interesting forms of investment once again. While long-term investors always appreciated land holdings for their inflation-proofed character, nowadays even short-term investors choose to invest in agriculture. No surprise, in times of low interest rates and overheated real estate and securities markets. Investments in agriculture have been neglected by most people over the last decades, especially since high-tech and new-tech segments spurred investor fantasies to all new highs. Traditional agro-investments stayed behind, reliable was considered to be boring.

Nowadays, times are changing. Reliable might be boring, but people who feel that they have seen one too many financial crises in their life, suddenly consider boring to be a good thing, something that allows investors to sleep well at night. For most people, however, investing in agriculture isn´t as easy as it sounds. Most people wouldn´t even know where to start, much less how to develop an agricultural project on their own.  Agri Terra opens the door to lucrative agricultural projects with high yields and an equally high level of security.

The company advises its clients regarding land purchase in Paraguay, and the group operates the acquired land on behalf of the owner. People all around the world become co-owners of large orange plantations, modern greenhouse operations, or traditional cattle farms, an offer that makes sure that an investor not only acquires valuable agricultural land but also secures high returns from agro-operations.

Agri Terra achieves debt-free equity financing of its growing enterprise, and investors secure a high-yield passive income from agriculture, for many decades, backed by deeded land in the investor´s name. A true win-win situation for each and every party involved. 

Agri TerraGroup´s innovative approach to agro-investments in Latin America has caught the attention of investors around the world. Once a two-man garage firm, the group now consists of nineteen independent companies, with offices in seven countries on three continents. Growth continues, and the sky seems to be the limit for Agri Terra.

Contact the Gateway to South America team to learn about the best investment opportunities in the region. The company is a benchmark for foreign investors wishing to invest in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, providing expert advice on property acquisition and investment tours.

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