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Gateway Continues Growing its Team in Latin America

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Marcia Williamson is the newest face at Gateway to South America bringing her extensive experience in sales and marketing to the Buenos Aires Residential Market.   After receiving her college degree at Portland State in Oregon, she started her career as an account manager for an Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations firm.

Born a Midwest farmer’s daughter with a Latina name like Marcia….South America was her destiny and Rio de Janeiro was calling her name.   After moving there, she continued to work in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations for an international shipping/moving company and but was always enamored with the Northern Lakes Region and its coastal cities which explains her enthusiasm for working with the sales and marketing of the new Rio Hills Project an hour outside of Rio city center.

Although the beach and beauty of Brazil were bliss, before long she craved a more family friendly environment of the Buenos Aires suburbs where she landed a position in the relocation arena, focused on providing quality service to the demanding corporate clientele.    Marcia also attended several international conferences around the world representing her firm.   Subsequently she joined an international recruiting firm based in Buenos Aires orchestrating worldwide headhunting searches for senior people in the engineering, oil and gas, and financial sectors where she principally responsible for Client and Project management.

While raising her two children, she sought the flexibility of part time work to fundraise for a charity, Send A Child To School, where underprivileged children are given backpacks filled with the essential school supplies to ensure scholastic success.  She sees education as means of hope for these children, and has decided to maintain her role in the organization as Vice President now that she is back in the workforce. And with her passion for competitive sports she excelled in tennis and decided to create a tennis league of 120+ players international players like herself.  No easy task!

Given the strong demand of Latin Americans looking to diversify and invest outside their region, Marcia decided to obtain her real estate license as a sales associate in the state of Florida.  Due to her extensive knowledge of the real estate market in the United States and the contacts she was able to make, she hopes to provide Gateway a liaison between Latin America and the U.S. market for those who wish this option.

Through all these experiences Marcia gained a wealth of experience in client negotiations and diplomacy while building a wide base of contacts internationally as well throughout Argentina.  She hopes to use this vast network she has accumulated to bridge and broker deals between potential buyers and sellers.    While working with Gateway…she hopes to share her love for Latin America with investors needing the highest level of service and dedication to their projects.

Call her now for your Buenos Aires needs at +54-11-9-3698-1949 or [email protected]

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About Gateway to South America

Gateway to South America was established in 2006 as a single office in Buenos Aires. The company has since expanded into a vibrant regional network, servicing the Southern Cone clients in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay with professional real estate marketing services. If you enjoy reading our news site please share it on your social media below.

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