Foreign Investors are becoming more optimistic about positive change in Argentina

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A number of interesting trends are happening in the Argentine Real Estate Market currently.

There is increased interest from European buyers in Argentine for investment type properties. This is partly driven I suspect by lower prices and an observation that the current dysfunctional government of Argentine is about to change.

Foreign InvestorsFor the first time in decades if ever the opposition parties are joining ranks and the polls show the voters love them for it.

A new broom with introduced policies the opposition parties are indicating they will implement could easily form the foundation for one of Argentine strongest potential growth periods.

In the past the growth has been created by printing money to encourage consumer spending. Of course all that happened was hyperinflation and later a collapsed economy.

With this in mind we are taking on more sales persons in the areas we believe there will be growth.

Contact the Gateway to South America team to learn about the best investment opportunities in the region. The company is a benchmark for foreign investors wishing to invest in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, providing expert advice on property acquisition and investment tours.

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Post available in: English


Comments from our readers

  • Hello Eugenia, yes we have a residential office in Buenos Aires. I will have one of their senior brokers contact you direct.

  • Eugenia. Dydzinsky says:

    I am writing to YOU because I am ON THE oposit operación. I have ONE apartament New ,JUST finish,in a very trendy neighborhood , Palermo Hollywood,IF YOU have HERE in Argentina A representativ THIS IS a very good OCACION FOR investors,LET me KNOW , REGARDS and I Will wait FOR your answear EUGENIA

  • There are two options Eugenia. One is to buy an apartment under construction and the other is to buy one second hand. The first option will give you a higher margin normally but has more risks than the second hand one. The market generally is depressed so property prices are very low so their is a number of bargains to be had by looking for vendors under financial stress.

    Contact use on is you want more information.

  • Eugenia Dydzinsky says:

    I WILL LIke to ask if it is ,a good investment ,to by apartamentos one Romo ,to be ready un 2 YEARS ,AND WHAT PORCENTAGE OF THE INVESTMENT I WILL GET AT THE END OF RPTHE 2 YEARS mor where it is ready to use THE property ,LIke for ex ample to sel it

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