Fly Fishing in Patagonia Argentina

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Patagonia is a vast, wild region spanning the 40th and 55th parallels south. It is made up of both Chile and Argentina, and at over 400,000 square miles, it is more than twice the size of California.

While its signature feature is the incredibly dramatic spine of the Andes Mountains, Patagonia is comprised of an unparalleled variety of landscapes, including the arid high desert, glaciated granite spires, lush semi- temperate rain forests and virtually every bioregion in between.

Lia Schleimer fishing on Lake Menéndez, a 10 year record. 8,5 kilos

The Rio Pico region of Chubut province, Argentina is probably the most diverse region of all Patagonia and known somewhat privately amongst the area guides and outfitters as the best “big trout” country in all of Patagonia.

This is probably the most diverse region of all of Patagonia: you can fish for many species. Brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and Chinook (King) salmon are willing to chase your flies.

From the Andes to the Pampas, the landscape is so diverse that within a day’s range one can find totally separate ecosystems. Comprised of an immense network of interconnected gin-clear creeks and lakes, hidden among stunning scenery, these waters are far off the beaten path, flowing west to the Pacific as they cut their way back through the Andes. One can fish for a variety of species including Brook, Rainbow, Brown Trout—and  Chinook (King) Salmon are sometimes willing to chase your flies. 

No other destination offers the beauty, variety, or productivity of the Rio Pico.

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