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GTSA Paraguay Farm Investments

Gateway to South America offers investors the opportunity to acquire undeveloped, virgin farms in Paraguay’s most sought-after location. The Alto Chaco Region. These fields are characterised by scrub forests and fairly dense hardwood timbers. They have abundant water, numerous rivers and streams, low surface groundwater, and springs. The soils have been sampled and provide excellent crop and /or cattle grazing potential.

Paraguay, one of the smallest countries in South America, has recently emerged as a top place to buy and manage agricultural lands for profit due to its high growth potential, optimal agricultural conditions, low costs per hectare and strong investment incentives. Agriculture and stockbreeding make up the main economic activities of Paraguay.

The important crops include soybeans, wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, corn, tobacco, yerba mate herb ( think green tea ), and a large variety of tropical fruits and vegetables. On the livestock ranches, various cattle breeds are raised, such as Brahma, Nelore and St. Gertrude, as well as exemplary specimens of sheep, horses and other bovine.

The region with the most interesting prospects is called “Paraguay’s Alto Chaco” (Western Region), due to its high productivity per hectare and high rainfall (600 to 1,200 mm per annum). It is a great flat plain, home to the majority of the country’s ecological and biological wealth and vast ranches dedicated to livestock breeding. It represents 60% of the national territory but only 2.3% of the population. The natural resources from this region have close ties with ambitious projects such as Hidrovia, the Bioceanic Corridor and Gaasoducto, a gas pipeline.

This area has investors from Argentina, Brazil and European farming groups and funds.

We have identified several small and larger farms suitable for private or Fund Investors, which we are currently marketing.

Contact the Gateway to South America team to learn about the best investment opportunities in the region. The company is a benchmark for foreign investors wishing to invest in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, providing expert advice on property acquisition and investment tours.


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Post available in: English

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