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Estancias de Cafayate – a desert location within Argentine’s North West wine region

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One option for the privileged few is to buy a lot or a home in a secure, fully serviced environment in one of South America’s most favoured desert locations (think Arizona).

One of the most successful of these developments is called Estancia de Cafayate. Its location is next to the town of the same name in the valley of Valles Calchaquies which is a short drive from the provinces capital, Salta (183 km) which was once the heart of the Spanish Colonists. The area is favoured due to its desert climate and outstanding mountain vistas.

Grace Hotel

The development covers 550 hectares, of which 75 hectares are planted in productive vines. Within the Campo there are 400 residential lots surrounded by an 18 hole golf course designed by Bob Cupp, a Health Club and Spa, Golf Club and Restaurant, tennis courts, polo fields and a luxury hotel.

It is a location surrounded by some of Argentina’s top vineyards that produce a wine called Torrontés. Prices for construction in Argentina by international standards are very low.

Cafayate possesses a special climate suitable for the plantation of grapevines. Its vineyards have sunlight exposure during almost every day of the year. Located over 1700 meters above sea level, this region has sandy-loam soils made from thick grains with gravel and fine sands on the surface. These characteristics are similar to the layers of subsoil but with fractions of finer sand located deeper and with the presence of round stones.

Estancias de Cafayate Golf

It has mild, amenable weather with pronounced thermal amplitude. The latter causes plants to relax during the night and continue synthesizing colour mater, aromas and flavours. This makes up for wines of excellent colour, intense aromas and lively flavours with mature tannins. Both white and red varieties stand out for their fruitiness, as well as for their varietal authenticity

GTSA – Lifestyle run by Terri Casey in that region has been the predominant marketer of this project, always having a good knowledge of potential homes or lots for sale. You can see her stock of homes here

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Post available in: English Español Português

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