Economic stability draws the attention of more Chilean investors

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Exploring new markets and strengthening the bilateral relationship are among the central points of the visit of the Paraguayan delegation to Chile.

The Minister of Industry and Commerce, Javier Giménez, commented that the Paraguayan delegation in Chile, led by President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, Its objective is to strengthen the economic relationship between both countries, mainly around meat exports, and to explore new trade agreements and possible Chilean investments in Paraguay.

The head of the MIC also commented that they held a meeting with the Manufacturing Development Society (SOFOFA), where around 25 important Chilean businessmen were present, where they developed an economic agenda.

In relation to bilateral trade with Chile, Minister Giménez highlighted that it is essential to continue strengthening and maintaining the close relationship. “The result is maintaining the markets that we already have in Chile. It is a very important market. We are checking commercial ties, we have a lot to learn from them,” said Minister Giménez.

Likewise, he commented that they talked about economic issues that have to do with the industrial route.

On the other hand, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce recalled the importance of the Chilean market for Paraguayan meat, since it is the first destination for red protein.

“Chile is the main export market for a lot of meat, which is our star industrial export number. Approximately USD 700 million is a very important figure for Paraguay,” he expressed.

Let us remember that The Chilean market absorbs 42% of total Paraguayan meat exports. In the last 10 months, the Andean nation imported more than 96 million tons.

In this sense, Minister Giménez highlighted that “50% of the meat consumed in Chile is Paraguayan,” which is why he once again pointed out that it is essential to continue conquering the Chilean market since it is necessary to “maintain the conquered market.” .

Economic stability draws the attention of investors

Likewise, in another interview, Minister Giménez highlighted The Paraguayan delegation carried out the economic and business agenda in Chile, where he commented that, during the meetings with Chilean businessmen, they were surprised by the stability and financial strength that the nation has within the region .

“They are surprised that Paraguay is green in a sea of red. When discussing a map of South America, red means instability, inflation, and political risk. There are a series of things from which Paraguay is distancing itself. So when businessmen analyze the map’s context and say that Paraguay is a green colour within a sea of ​​red, it gives you a lot of encouragement because it means that things are being done well,” said the head of the MIC.

On the other hand, he commented on the need for debureaucratization to speed up procedures. In addition, he highlighted that Paraguay is attracting foreign investors, especially in the real estate sector, and seeks to promote investment in popular housing. Finally, he mentioned that the national government is working to find financial tools that allow people to access credit for the purchase of homes.

It is worth mentioning that within the mission is the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Raúl Latorre; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rubén Ramírez; the head of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic, Lea Giménez; the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Claudia Centurión; the Legal Advisor of the Presidency of the Republic, Roberto Moreno; and the national director of the General Directorate of Tax Revenue, Óscar Orué. Likewise, the vice minister of the Investment and Export Network (REDIEX), Rodrigo Maluff, who was already in the destination, on a visit to attract investments, joined the delegation.

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