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Doug Casey, the noted economist, best-selling financial author, international investor, entrepreneur and the founder of Casey Research, gives his views on investing in Argentine Real Estate

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Doug Casey, the noted economist, best-selling financial author, international investor, entrepreneur and the founder of Casey Research, had the following to say about investing in Argentine real estate: “I think what’s going to happen, given the demographics we spoke of in Europe, is that thousands and thousands of Europeans are going to come to Argentina. Not poor ones, the kind who immigrated a hundred years ago, but wealthy ones. #adp02

They’ll see that the lifestyle is better in Argentina. It’s less crowded and vastly cheaper – maybe 20%, or less, of the cost of living in Europe. And they can live there tax-free. As more and more Europeans discover this, you’re going to have a lot more of them  piling in. This is going to happen with Americans too, though they won’t gain the same tax advantages. The IRS will still want to tax them; nevertheless, I think we’ll see more of them moving down  there. It’s very popular with Canadians as well.

With the good things happening in Colombia, Brazil having finally turned the corner, and the problems clowns like Chavez in Venezuela are running into, there’s a chance that South America, in general, could be the next sleeper that may soon awake to its day in the sun.

So, it’s a place with a future. And any person who does not diversify his or her assets and physical presence, geographically and politically, in today’s world is a fool. If they see what we see and don’t take action, they’ll get what they deserve.

It’s especially important for US persons to do this now, before we see foreign exchange controls in the US making it impossible, or very costly, to get your wealth out of the country.”

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  • Are Capital Controls Coming to America?  by Gary North Tea Party Economist
    It has been reported that: “Just this week, two of the most powerful U.S. congressmen – Barney Frank and Sander Levin – released a letter they’d sent to U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, expressing their concerns over future U.S. free trade agreements if the government doesn’t address capital controls. The headline of the letter is: Frank and Levin Call on Administration to Clarify Position on Capital Controls. Frank and Levin have long been concerned that the language in U.S. trade and investment treaties was too restrictive and did not leave adequate flexibility for governments to use controls to stem the massive flows of speculative capital that can exacerbate economic crises.
    The congressmen specifically state they want additional power to restrict the flow of capital into and out of the United States… their letter stated: We request an official written statement of U.S. policy on the Administration’s interpretation that the scope and coverage of the ‘prudential exception’ in U.S. free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties grants parties the ability to deploy capital controls on the inflow or outflow of capital without being challenged by private investors.” It seems capital controls will be implemented, although I am not real clear what damages to personal wealth this will cause. Also, what is the probability of a forced repatriation order? If the government goes that far we can be sure it would be very damaging to one’s assets.

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