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Dos Rios – Buenos Aires – Eco Lots for Sale on the Delta

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We discovered the Parana Delta on a family holiday in 2005. We took a zodiac from Tigre and motored down the River Urión, and then we quietly paddled down the tributary of the Arroyo Malvinas where we stopped and tied the boat to an old willow tree.  There we swam in the warm river water and picnicked under the shade of the overhanging trees.  Everything around us was green and the sound of the water splashing, the birds singing and trees rustling made us feel we were a world away from the bustle and stresses of the city.

We later bought the land between the Malvinas and Tres Sargentos in order to develop a low impact Ecological Community. The whole concept of Dos Rios has been to retain the magic of nature, while building low-profile, low-impact houses, in tune with old style of the Delta.  The idea was to preserve the central area between the rivers as a nature reserve where the birds and flora can continue to flourish without interference, while allowing us humans to enjoy the river front.   We built a raised path around the edge of the reserve so that all that nature can be enjoyed, but also so that you can walk to a shared raised pool and quincho, where people can socialize looking over the reserve and enjoy the breeze on a hot day.

We wanted to attract owners who would minimise their footprint on the ecology of the place, respect nature, and still enjoy the comforts and aesthetics of the riverside.   Many of the houses are completely self-sufficient for energy and water, using solar panels, and pumping water up from the river through filtering tanks.   We ourselves have a low-decibel generator, but we use it solely to pump water from the river.  The solar lighting works satisfactorily without any boosting from the generator.  We even have internet, and also a television to watch movies – but we never do.  Walking, kayaking, sunbathing, swimming, birdwatching seem to hold many more attractions.  Birdwatching so close to Buenos Aires is magical.  We have counted nearly 80 species and every once in a while a new species arrives.

One of the best times of the year to visit Dos Rios is in Winter.  The trees are bare, but their shapes, especially those of the ceibo trees, are beautiful.   A winter walk round the path is then rewarded by returning to a warm fire, and we sit round the wood-burning stove drinking English Tea or a mate.  The house is as cosy as you can imagine.

Imagine, too, in the summer, sitting on your deck and looking down towards the river and seeing a Green Kingfisher sitting on your dock, enjoying the sun.  He is the most stunning emerald green, and although he knows you are there, he also knows you are no threat, so he does not move from his perch when he sees you.  We are often greeted to our house by the larger Martin Pescador whose beat is our part of the river.  A great flash of blue followed by his swooping flight show us the way home.

In the spring, the reserve is full of flag irises, their delicate forms and sunny yellow heralding the summer to come.  In the summer the ceibo trees glow with their coral red flowers.

Sometimes the water is so high that you have to splash through the paths in your Wellington Boots.  Sometimes it is so low that the boat has to weave its way down the river keeping carefully to the deep channel, avoiding the mudbanks.


Every visit is different. Dos Rios has a thousand moods, according to whether it is night or day, low tide or high, windy or sunny, winter or summer.  Every time I go there I fall in love with it again.

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Post available in: English Español

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