“Discover the Secret World of Ultra-Luxury Homes in Buenos Aires – What Makes Them So Desirable Among the Elite!”

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Are you ready to invest in a luxury property? The good news is that after five years of decline, the market has finally stabilized! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of paradise in select locations, which are now available to both local and foreign buyers. Act fast before it’s too late!

Looking for your dream apartment in the luxurious Núñez area? Look no further! The real estate market in Buenos Aires is experiencing a surge of activity in premium properties characterized by exceptional features, top-quality materials, and exclusive locations. With the recent change in government, popular neighbourhoods like Puerto Madero, Belgrano, and Recoleta are gaining renewed interest from eager buyers with a keen eye for investment. Despite turbulent economic times, Martín Pinus of Martín Pinus Real Estate assures that the premium segment remains substantial as buyers focus on the long-term potential of investing in high-end properties. Currently, there is a high demand for new and used apartments due to the rising construction costs. The value of finished properties is seen as an excellent investment opportunity, making it the preferred choice for savvy investors. Don’t wait any longer. Secure your spot in this elite market!

“2023 was a standout year for the real estate market, with the last quarter being remarkable. Defying the typical slowdown in January and February, sales skyrocketed by 20%, making it the most prosperous year in the past five years. And to top it off, December proved particularly fruitful, solidifying the market’s triumphant streak.”

Welcome to Puerto Madero, the most sought-after neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. This exclusive location is always in high demand, especially among those who can invest in luxurious homes just steps away from the river.

According to Francisco Bosch, the CEO of Miranda Bosch Real Estate & Art, the market for properties exceeding USD 1,000,000 has seen a remarkable growth in interest. This clearly indicates the market’s dynamism and renewed enthusiasm among buyers.

The trend seems towards spacious properties with more than 150 square meters of living space. These properties not only elevate one’s status but also promise to maintain their value and demand over time.

In the premium segment, location is the top priority when purchasing. However, comfort, security, and construction quality are highly valued factors for potential buyers.

But that’s not all. Modern residential towers in this area also offer additional amenities such as swimming pools, terraces, and large social areas for events and co-working spaces. These elements are essential for a growing market sector that is not just looking for a home but a specific lifestyle. As Bosch aptly puts it, “it’s not just a home, it’s a way of life.”

A new trend is taking over the local market and attracting international players. But it’s not just a foreign affair—locals are jumping on board, too. People are looking for luxurious homes with four rooms or more that offer upscale living and the potential for renovation and space maximisation. And let’s not forget about those sought-after units that boast large terraces and prioritize outdoor living.

According to Gabriela Cosovschi from Inmuebles Comerciales real estate agency, the search for the perfect home has revealed many distinct buyer needs and preferences. From young professionals seeking convenient amenities like coworking spaces within the building to parents on the hunt for a nurturing community complete with play areas, kids clubs and a pool – there’s something for everyone. Are you ready to find your dream home?

For those with the means to invest in their dream homes, having stylish and well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms is of utmost importance.

Growing families with older kids are seeking to upgrade their living spaces to keep up with their dynamic lifestyles. They want modern units with all the necessary amenities, such as service quarters and recreational spaces, for their loved ones to enjoy.

Even the older generation, who have moved back to smaller homes, yearns for a touch of modernity and convenience. They value functional spaces that make their lives easier.

According to Cosovschi, two-bedroom apartments are in high demand for those looking to turn their investment into a profitable venture.

But in the premium market, it’s not just about practicality; it’s also about elegance and sophistication. These properties boast superior construction, intricate designs, top-notch finishes, and exquisite materials. What’s more, they are situated in exclusive areas with breathtaking views, ensuring unparalleled privacy. And with luxurious amenities like a swimming pool, sun deck, spa, private cinema, wine cellar, and yoga or Pilates rooms, who wouldn’t want to call it home?

In the wake of the pandemic, the importance of open space has skyrocketed. And people are now embracing open-concept living, where the kitchen is the heart of the home, seamlessly connected to spacious gathering areas for socializing and quality family time.

“Discover the Spectacular Variation in Prices for Luxury Apartments in CABA!

2-bedroom gems in premium buildings range from USD 250,000 to USD 350,000, while lavish 3-bedroom options can go for anywhere from USD 450,000 to a whopping USD 600,000! But wait, it gets even better – the pinnacle of opulence can be found in stunning 4 and 5-bedroom units with a bonus outbuilding and two garages, with prices ranging from a jaw-dropping USD 900,000 to an exclusive USD 1,300,000. Are you ready for the elite lifestyle?”

Grasping ownership of a premium real estate property comes with a sense of pride and privilege, but it also entails distinct behaviours. Take, for example, the limited supply and relaxed attitude of sellers who usually have no time constraints. However, in recent years, the market has witnessed a drop in prices and a dearth of transactions, causing sellers to be more open to receiving offers. But hold on to your hats because, since mid-2023, prices have shown a surprising surge, boosting premium unit owners who are now determined to defend the worth of their property. It’s been five long years of decline, with estimates suggesting that prices fell by a whopping 45% in CABA alone.

Bosch has confirmed that the uncertainty clouding the Argentine market has significantly lessened. With stocks and bonds on the rise, the long-term outlook has a sense of hope. While things might seem complex in the short term, we all know that the market works in mysterious ways, often predicting a slow yet steady recovery in real estate.

But let’s not forget about the high-net-worth buyers in this game. They know what they want and are willing to pay for it. While they may try to negotiate a better deal, they always consider the value of a quality property.

According to expert Cosovschi, it’s common for sellers to agree to a 10% decrease in price at the time of an offer. But they won’t budge beyond that. It starkly contrasts other sectors where prices are more flexible and open to negotiation.

In some cases, buyers may find themselves splurging on a premium property due to the continuous increase in expenses. For properties with more than 3 rooms, the average cost of over $350,000 is enough to catch buyers’ attention. So make sure those extra expenses are worth it when making your purchase!

New interest has been sparked among international buyers, captivated by the opportunity to snatch up premium properties in Argentina at an unbeatable value. Can you believe that properties with the same size and prime location would cost a fortune in cities like London, New York, Paris, or Madrid compared to Buenos Aires? Don’t miss your chance to invest in the best!

Source: Translated and Rewritten from the La Nacion

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