Consolidation of South American meat processing plants

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Minerva Foods was the biggest exporter of beef in South America.

It will take control of a San Luis unit in an operation worth US$ 1.5 billion for it and 16 other Marfrig Global Foods plants in Mercosur.

Minerva Foods controls Swift in Rosario.

Swift Argentina

In Mercosur, the Brazilian company Minerva Foods, the biggest exporter of beef in South America, now controls 16 refrigeration plants owned by its rival, Brazilian Marfrig. Argentina, where they bought an establishment, will consolidate their number one ranking in freezing works capacity. US$1.5 billion is the total amount of all units involved in this operation.

Minerva Foods purchased 11 Units in Brazil. 3 units were acquired in Uruguay. 1 unit was in Chile for the slaughtering of sheep. According to sources familiar with negotiations in the case of Argentina, the freezing works acquired is located at Villa Mercedes.

Marfrig’s website in Argentina states that Argentina has five plants. These include Villa Mercedes, San Jorge Arroyo Seco Pilar Baradero and Baradero. This allows it to produce more than 40,000 tons per annum of patties [it owns the Paty emblematic brand] and more than 30,000 tons of products. The firm’s website highlights that “Marfrig ranks among the top companies for beef production and is the biggest hamburger producer in the world.”.

According to Minerva Foods’ report, acquired assets -in Argentina, the Villa Mercedes fridge- are “strategic”, “complement” existing assets, and “are by the geographical diversification that the group”.

According to the details, Minerva Foods’ total capacity for slaughtering cattle will be 42,439 heads per day. According to reports, this will happen in the following ways: In Brazil, it will go up to 22,336 head/day at 21 establishments; in Uruguay, to 4550 in six establishments; and in Argentina, to 5978 in six plants.

Minerva Foods has increased its capacity to 42,439 head/day from 8,025 in Paraguay, 1,550 in Colombia and 4,239 in South America. This is a 43.7% increase, and it will be distributed through 40 South American plants. He noted that the sheep production of Minerva Foods will also increase to 25,716 head/day. This is distributed between 5 facilities in Australia and Chile. “With these acquisitions, Minerva Foods strengthens its position as the leading exporter of South American beef.” “

Swift Argentina has been controlled by Minerva Foods in the country since 2017. The group purchased nine industrial units at that time, three of them in Paraguay and one each in Uruguay, as well as five others in Argentina.

Sources on the market told the outlet that at Venado Tuerto (which is dedicated to kosher meat slaughter), the Venado Tuerto group slaughters 350 animals per day. The company operates by the demand for the ritual. Generally, the place where you live will stop working between September and November and March and April.

A market source analyzing the Marfrig purchase said that Swift (controlled by Minerva Foods) has between 3.5-4% of slaughter in the country and will go on to reach between 5-6%.

This group employs around 2,500 people and will add another 800 workers to the Marfrig plant, which is located in Villa Mercedes (San Luis), a facility that slaughters approximately 800 animals per day.

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