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Chile’s Colorful Agriculture of the South

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For many years the Araucanía region of Southern Chile has been characterized as the breadbasket of Chile due to the cultivation of cereals and industrial crops typical of the area.

Rape oilseed is a plant that, when in Bloom, dazzles by its yellow color. It is a crop that has been strengthened and whose demand is increasing, due to the recovery of the salmon industry and the incorporation of canola oil in the daily feeding of people.

The current challenge of improving competitiveness leads to the incorporation of new agro-technologies such as drones, which, together with precision agriculture, enable us to obtain accurate information that helps farmers optimize their agricultural activities.

With this image taken with a drone in the area of Perquenco was sought to see the advancement of flowering and review the applications made to control the white rot of Rape (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in the varieties Veritas and Duplex, distributed by Anasac, with a Great potential for performance, health, and industrial quality.

Rape oilseed shows that treasures are always golden, but they are not always pure gold.

Source: MundoAgro

Photo: Juan Pablo Martínez Paslack

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