Chilean blueberries will have a “Blueberry Express” charter shipping service from the port of Coronel to the port of Gloucester in the US

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The new service will be available to the entire industry and will work from week 49 this season.

To ensure a faster and more expeditious arrival to the United States market, the main destination for Chilean blueberries, especially after last season, there were major complications in these matters, the company Cool Carriers will implement a charter service for blueberries fresh to the north country.

To learn more about this service, Simfruit spoke with the General Manager of Cool Carriers, Ricardo Barckhahn, who explained that the “Blueberry Express” will be a special service that will begin operating from week 49 of 2022 and then be complemented with the regular service until week 15, 16 or 17 of 2023, depending on the volume, with specific non-stop ships, which will allow the fruit to reach the United States within 12 days from the last port of shipment. He also highlighted that, to ensure a good shipping process, for several years now, they have been working and carrying out shipping tests for blueberries under cover, which have been very successful.

“Two years ago, two more clients joined in carrying out tests for the export of blueberries undercover with very good results. Based on this, and considering all the shipping and logistics problems of last season, this volume increased during the last season. The blueberry industry was looking for a more efficient solution when shipping its blueberries, which is how this service arose. They guarantee a base volume of blueberries, and we provide a weekly service from week 49″ Barckhahn noted.

The general manager pointed out that another novel aspect of the “Blueberry Express” is that the ships will be operated from the port of Coronel, “which provides added value to the blueberry industry in Chile by being closer to the production areas,” assured.

It should be noted that the destination port will be Gloucester, which was chosen because it is a “port that has the conditions and connections for Chilean blueberries to be dispatched as soon as possible to their destinations within the United States. It has refrigerators and fumigation areas; therefore, it is a very well-equipped port for the needs of the industry. It is also a port in which we have worked throughout our history of operations in the United States, so it gives us full confidence”, he pointed out.

Source: Blueberry Consulting

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