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The 10 most important rules for investing in agriculture

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Rule 1. Only invest in countries that are investor-friendly: Agricultural investments require a medium to long-term view. A typical investment in mainstream agriculture will require 70-80% of your investment to go into land. There is no need to add to these risks by going into countries where you put your capital at risk. This rules out most of Africa, Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. Rule 2. Countries with low, preferably no, subsidies for agricultural. Subsidies can be alluring because they can be seen…

What does Donald Trump’s election victory means for agriculture ?

Some might say a president who gained power with the motto “drain the swamp” might appear a boon for agriculture. But whether he turns out that way will require a more measured tone by Donald Trump when in office than that he voiced to win power. Sure, farmers may well enjoy something of a honeymoon for now from his victory, which is likely to take the dollar on a weaker course, for now, than it would have done had Mr Trump’s Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton, won the vote. The greenback fell…


A FOREIGNERS GUIDE FOR BUYING FARMLAND IN CHILE      Maybe you visited Chile as a tourist and fell in love with the country, or perhaps you are aware of its strategies to become a global food supplier. Now you are considering buying some farmland there. Congratulations! Apart from mining, Chile has unique soil and climate advantages for agricultural exploitation and food production. Spread along 2500+ miles on the Southwestern Pacific Coast of South America, Chile encompasses all climate zones from desert…
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