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Brazil considering leasing farm land to foreigners to circumvent sales restrictions

MercoPress South Atlantic New Agency Report Brazil may start leasing farm land to foreigners to find a way around new legal restrictions on land sales and attract more foreign investment, the agriculture minister said. Last year, foreigners seeking to buy large plots of land began running into legal roadblocks, after the attorney general’s office reinterpreted real estate law amid concern over property speculation by overseas investors. But President Dilma Rousseff, who took office in January, is looking…

Brazil started 2011 with massive foreign capital investments inflows

The inflow of us dollars to Brazil so far this year (Jan-March 5) marks a surplus of usd 24.3 billion over outflows, which helped to further appreciate the Brazilian Real, according to the latest figures released by the Central Bank. This is the result of financial operations mainly by Brazilian corporations’ overseas issues and long term foreign investors. In fact, property investors from around the world are flocking to Brazilian shores with a view to snapping up real estate, in anticipation of future capital…
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