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Why and How to invest in South American Agriculture ?

Many of the topics that were considered fringe in the past but are now coming to reality with the effects of global warming; the morality of food miles when countries use diminishing resources to ship food a long way to any market, geopolitical power shifts, the potential break up and loss of power in the United States, along with the growing power of Asia, Brazil, and the Pacific rim countries, like Australia and Chile, are all topics of hot discussion. GTSA obviously has its own agenda in all this as we see…

What happens to the Soya that South America exports ?

Soya is one of the most rapidly spreading crops in the world, particularly in South America export. The  demand continues to rise due to the increased consumption of meat and dairy products and the  biofuels boom. It is the crop that provides the largest amount of protein per hectare, and it is  used to make fodder for animals, prepared foods, vegetable oil, industrial inputs and recently,  biofuel. The principal producing countries are Brazil, the United States and Argentina . These countries lead in exports,…

China needs more of the worlds food, making investing in the Agriculture sector a sure bet

By Ding Xuedong To the people, food is the most important issue under the sky.” So says an old Chinese proverb; but if that is so, the clouds may be darkening. As the world’s population grows – and as its people grow more prosperous and more carnivorous – it will only become more difficult to provide a plentiful supply of food at affordable prices. I n many countries, food security is already an urgent challenge, as the world food price crisis of 2007-08 showed. According to research by the UN Food…
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