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Argentina: Doug Casey’s favorite place in the world

Taken from a recent interview done by Lous James Let’s start with the big question. Why, of all the places in the world you could have selected to build your vision of paradise on earth, did you choose Argentina? Doug: For some time now, I have stressed the importance of diversifying internationally. I wanted to diversify outside of the United States, because although every country in the world is headed in the wrong direction, at this point in time the US is heading there more quickly and with far more…

Startups businesses surge in South America

(This article was written by Mark Lennon and Christine Magee and was published on July 1, 2014 on CrunchBase, for which they work as analysts.) Winter is coming in South America, but for investors and entrepreneurs things are starting to heat up across the continent. New tech communities are sprouting up in South America to serve the 200M+ population that is increasingly reliant on internet and mobile technology.  In June the accelerator program Start-Up Chile announced Generation Ten, its latest batch of…

Argentina’s richest 15 families worth is over 27 Billion US dollars

Argentina’s richest 15 families worth is over 27 Billion US dollars ( 2014 ) The total fortune of the 15 wealthiest Argentines has been estimated at 26.85 billion dollars, falling just shy of the 27.679 billion dollars currently in the Central Bank’s foreign reserve account, according to a list of the country’s richest people published recently by the local edition of Forbes magazine. The difference being this money is real whereas no one believes the Argentine Central Bank actually has 27 Billion…
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