Carnaval in Buenos Aires!

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Buenos AiresThis year there are 112 street bands participating in 37 parades in various neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.  Corsicians in lavish costumes dance through the streets to the rhythms of contagious drumbeats.  The street musicians typically try to tell a story through humor and irony to make social commentaries about the country or its politicians.

The parades are held in different districts of the city as Abasto, Almagro, Bajo Flores, Bass Núñez, Balvanera, Barracks, Belgrano, Boedo, Caballito, Coghlan, College, Flores, Liniers, Lugano, Slaughterhouse, Monserrat, Palermo, Parque Avellaneda, Centennial Park, Parque Patricios, Paternal, Piedra, Pompeii, Saavedra, San Telmo, Villa Crespo, Villa Pueyrredón, Villa Urquiza.

Hours and Locations:

Hours: Saturday 19-2 am

Sundays and Carnaval Holidays: 19-24 h.

Abasto : Av Córdoba between Aguero and Sanchez de Bustamante

Almagro: Av Between Medrano and Corrientes Av Bulnes

Almagro 2: Lambaré between Perón and Sarmiento

Bajo Flores: Av Cobo between Curapaligüe and Victor Martinez

Under Nunez: Ramallo between Arches and Forced Return of

Balvanera: Av Flows between Uriburu and Riobamba


Boedo 1: Av Boedo between San Juan Avenue and Independence Avenue

Boedo 2: Av Belgrano between Maza and colombres

Coghlan: Av Donated between Congress and Mariano Acha

College: Av Federico Lacroze between General Ramon Freire and Martinez

Schoolboys 2: Benjamin Matienzo between Conesa and General Ramon Freire

Schoolboys 3: Av Federico Lacroze between General Ramon Freire and Conesa

Flowers: Av Gaona Av between Donato Alvarez and Boyacá

Liniers: Tuyutí between Carhué and Cosquín

Lugano 1: Av Ries between Oliden and Martiniano Leguizamón

Lugano 2: Av Cross between Av Lisandro de la Torre and Cosquín

Slaughterhouse Av Alberdi between Araujo and Climbing

Monserrat: Av Independence between Viceroy and San José Cevallos

Palermo: Darwin between Honduras and Gorriti

Avellaneda Park: Av Directory Lacarra between Av and Av Olivera

Parque Patricios: Av Jujuy between Av Garay and Brazil

Paternal 1: Av Nazca between Caesar Diaz and San Blas

Paternal 3: Av San Martín between Juan B. Justo and Shrimp

Piedra: April 2 between Gral Paz and Montiel

Pompeii 1: Av Chiclana between Av La Plata and Pirovano

Pompeii 2: Av Perito Moreno among Taborda and Ochoa

Saavedra 1 : Av Balbin between Plaza and Jaramillo

Saavedra 2: Av García del Río between Pinto and Conesa

Saavedra 3: Av Balbin between Pico and Arias

San Lorenzo: Av La Plata between Inclan and Metán

San Telmo: Av San Juan between Tacuarí and Peru

Villa Crespo: Av Scalabrini Ortiz between Corrientes and Velasco

Villa Pueyrredón: Av Mosconi between Bolivia and Caracas

Villa Urquiza: Av Olazabal Triumvirate between Av and Av Monroe

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