Calle Arroyo- why it’s one of Buenos Aires’ most unique and exclusive streets

Calle Arroyo has become one of the most desirable in Buenos Aires and was even baptized by Eduardo Mallea as the “elbow of aristocracy in Buenos Aires”. In the 60’s it was also home to the legendary and trendiest Mau Mau club which was one of the most original and exclusive the city has seen.

The street has been home to many important and historical buildings, such as the Torre Mihanovich which today is the Sofitel Hotel (now closed), as well as architectural gems from the porteño past. Calle Arroyo boasts a classical and stylish French style which can be seen by the beautiful mansions and residences.

The roads in Buenos Aires form a grid in a large part of the city, however, Calle Arroyo breaks the mold with it’s notably curved nature. This is one of the many reasons why so many people fall for the charm of this unique street with its French air as well as a feeling of the street being more exclusive due to it being so short, stretching from the Plaza Carlos Pellegrini to the Juncal and Esmeralda intersection.

Despite its limited length Calle Arroyo has managed to host excellence in all aspects as well as the gastronomic havens it provides such as the 80’s French bistro El Viejo Caviar and the unique Farinelli.

Calle Arroyo, however, is most known for its on-going art scene as it hosts the finest art galleries in the city, fashion houses, and embassies. The street has become synonymous with art via it’s aristocratic and elegant style. Most importantly Arroyo hosts the famous outdoor “Gallery Nights” events in which they serve cocktails, have jazz orchestras and the galleries open their doors for free. It runs from April to December and aims to entertain and exhibit up-and-coming artists work for a cultural and fun evening. The spaces are usually open from 19.00 to 22.00 displaying its’ artists latest creations as well as some of the classics.

Calle Arroyo is one of the most fabulous and exceptional streets in one of the trendiest cities in Latin America.

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