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Buenos Aires: Storytelling in the city of wonders

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As in any other city, Buenos Aires knows how to tell stories

Anyone who has had the chance to visit Buenos Aires, has’ probably been surprised by the heterogenic style of its architecture.

Walking through its streets, Buenos Aires becomes a sort of architectural tango where you are compelled to dance between the far belle époque up to the present following its visual choreography with no repetition and where there is not a determinate order.

buenos-aires-streetsIn its skyline everything lives together in a sweet harmonic chaos from the eclecticism of a nostalgic era we get a portrait of how through architecture its habitants tried to repeat the vistas of the old Europe.
It seems to be visible in every “manzana” (block) that the history of the different migratory currents have built what today make us surprised through 2113 streets.

Multiple memories from its old inhabitants can be discovered in every corner . In  various tours we could intercalate exponents of the Spanish thinking (colonial) to the posterior French, English and Italian currents.

For each of them, the architecture has left a lasting testimony.

The landscape of eclecticism has grown as the country has taken the European forms. Maybe that is why today, as we view from a balcony, many times we will have the feeling of being somewhere else in a European city.

These currents have been the foundation to create the basis of the city identity in terms of architecture. The new tendencies and historic movements have melt into new local characteristics giving flow to new questions of a different nature and time: the modern era.

This will be the beginning of a new movement that will strongly mark the profile of the city in its process of becoming a Metropolis

buenos-aires-architecture“In the period between the two World Wars, Buenos Aires experienced an economic, social and demographic change, as a product of the growth of European immigration and improving economy.

The city itself became a metropolis. Different schools of Arts and Architecture, as the Bauhaus in Germany, the Spirit Nouveau in France, the Glasgow school, and others have influenced society and the Argentine architects. A major change in the city and in the mode of inhabiting it, was shown”.

There will be an evolution from the technical progress and new rationalist buildings will be built based on geometries, axis and illuminist proportions with the final purpose of solving new questions of space in a city more and more populated. Architecture will start to be a social factor and we, the present passerby of the modern Buenos Aires, will unexpectedly have the chance to walk within a few steps from the old Europe to a kind of South American New York.

Such are the peculiarities of these stories in regard of the architectural mixture shown in Buenos Aires that there are several options to take organized walking tours.

buenos-aries-architecture-1930The city government offers free tours through the different barrios and visits to several palaces and historical spots in different languages.

Also, local Architectural Festivals, such as OPEN HOUSE, are organized so as to invite the public to view the interiors of private buildings normally closed to the public with the purpose of allowing them to rediscover the city, its architecture and cultural values as well as getting to hear the history and local anecdotes of the interiors.

Buenos Aires is without any doubt one of the richest cities in terms of cultural content in the region. In every corner there are stories and styles to be listened to.

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Post available in: English Español

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