Buenos Aires is stunningly decorated by its trees

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Every ‘Porteño’ (local from Buenos Aires) has its own Buenos Aires. With the broad avenues, the tango, the gastronomy, the nightlife and the colourful city. That which we don’t all notice or look at, Buenos Aires displays its stunning nuances around the city in each season. It paints the streets with a full palette in its cycle which, month to month, paints a different sky via the treetops. This is the tour of the cycle of a beautifully aesthetic Buenos Aires, changing from pink into violet-blue (or lilac). In December, it turns a golden yellow to finally turn packed into pink with summer in full swing.

Before starting the walk, it must be said that its geographical location weighs on its development. “In the Southern hemisphere, the trees flower better, unlike in the north, where the environment accompanies the foliation and trees develop their most beautiful colours in the leaves in the fall,” stated the agronomist Graciela Barreiro, director of the Botanical Garden. And in that sense, the local climate is privileged (thanks to the famous humidity, which also runs havoc on women’s hair(!). “It’s because the flowers have no frizz”, jokes the specialist. Or maybe they have (in short, it is the same active ingredient and cosmetic result).

This city is known to be filled with trees and thus is shown by the alignment of 370 000 examples(aligning the streets, avenues and boulevards) and about 50 thousand in the city’s green areas. “I would say that it has been well maintained since the era of Rosas when they started planting a lot. Sarmiento was a big factor in this because it brought in many urban European ideas,” Barreiro. Something that Carlos Thays and other French landscapers of those times continued.

To only mention the flowers would disrespect the green chlorophyll leafy tree tops that frame the city’s main arteries (almost) all year and the elderly brown trunks, which in every crevice hold treasured history.

When the orange sun dispels the winter cold, the pink of the Lapachos appears. “The blossom is between August and September in Plaza Italia in the Parque Tres de Febrero. Out of all of them, the Mariscal Catillo and Figueroa Alcorta stand out. It’s a private space but given to everyone.” Barreiro recommends.

The national ceibo explodes in October with its pure and sensual red flower. “In this case, there is no alignment. You can see it at the Plaza Sicilia, diagonal to the entrance of the Rosedal, or on Plaza Lavalle, opposite the synagogue, where the is a small one always in full bloom,” says her colleague Gabriela Benito, curator of the Botanic Gardens.

In mid-November, the sky-blue and lilac jacaranda burst into flower. By Belgrano 940, there stands a tree with a branch that bears white flowers.

In December, the ‘tips’ cry a glassy foam and are then covered in yellow. A postcard well known to the neighbours of the Pedro Goyen and Melián avenues where the tree creates a tunnel.

In January, Pitá Ibirá comes out, which is also yellow (on the strategic point of 9 de Julio and Moreno, in addition to the classic view of the Olivos residence). February returns to being pink or white with an endearing downpour (for example, the giant of Libertador and Sarmiento). “Not many places are like this. In the humid jungles, they’re high and stylised, nothing to do with the ones here,” stated Barreiro.

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