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Buenos Aires Bikers Corner – The Best 6 spots to buy or repair your bike

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In the past few years Buenos Aires has really started to compete with cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen with it’s constantly improving bike-friendly reputation. Although not yet quite as renowned for it, Buenos Aires, is becoming more accessible for bikers and bike lanes can be seen on the majority of the cities roads.

Previously both bikers and drivers would have been extremely wary as it would have been difficult for drivers to put up with them and frightening for bikers travelling the chaotic roads of a fast moving city. However 100 kilometres of bike lanes have now been constructed across the capital due to the ciclovía initiatives of Mayor Mauricio Macri. As in other cities and countries, bike shops and workshops have been crucial to the image of biking in this Latin American fashion hub. In order for biking to take off they must make it trendy, accessible and sociable. The social aspect has been achieved as Buenos Aires offers countless bike tours, as many feel that travelling around the city on two wheels is the most effective way to get a true insight. Companies such as La Bicicleta Naranja and Biking Buenos Aires offer a range of interesting tours. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist looking for a reliable mechanic or a recent arrival in Buenos Aires looking for a trendy new ride the 5 shops below are the ideal places to check out.

MonoChrome: MonoChrome is one of the hipper options in Buenos Aires. They promote sustainable practices and quality products displayed by a stylish and simple aesthetic. MonoChrome boasts uniformity in appearance and quality despite selling products from recycled materials as the frames are reworked according to the shop’s minimalist design scheme. MonoChrome also offers self-design online so customers can check out their interactive website and chose their own colours for each section of the bike as well as a selection of 4 different frames. Gorriti 5656, Palermo. Open Monday to Friday from 11 to 7pm and Saturday from 3:30 to 7pm. Link for Shop

Mµvin: Movimiento Urbano: This exciting Palermo Soho store invites customers to be part of a “revolution in movement”. As part of this revolution, Mµvin: Movimiento Urbano offers a selection of unique products that you won’t find at the other shops on this list, including cargo bikes and three lines of collapsible (plegable) bikes, ideal for transporting your bike on the subte or easily and safely storing in a small apartment. Mµvin also sells fixed gear bikes and some quite creative children’s bikes. Mµvin also offers online shopping and a great place to visit for a great selection of innovative products. Gorriti 5051, Palermo. Open Monday to Satuday from 10 to 7pm. For more information, visit the website.

Vía Bike: Vía Bike was opened only about half a year ago by Ignacio Basavilbaso, his brother and sister-in-law. With its friendly family orientated feel the showroom and workshop have quickly become very popular. The family try as often as possible to take pictures of their customers with their bikes to share them online and post up around the shop. Vía Bike can help you find a new or used bike or will repair one you already have. Much like MonoChrome, the bikes you will find here are specifically urban bikes rather than mountain bikes or racing bikes. Vía also has a wide range of accessories for sale at reasonable prices. French 2685, Recoleta. Open Monday to Friday from 10 to 8pm and Saturday from 10 to 1pm.

Belosophy: Belosophy is a chic and trendy boutique offering a range of stylish bikes and accessories. This bike shop doesn’t exclusively sell bikes but also clothes and an assortment of things for the house. A trip to Belosophy is an authentic and positive experience as they combine the modern aspect with the classic and sophisticated look seen around Buenos Aires. Talcahuano 1235. Open Monday to Friday 10.30-20.00 and Saturday 10.30-14.00

Cycles Racing: Cycles Racing specialises more as a workshop than the others mentioned. Customers can bring their broken bikes in for consultation and repair to this small and friendly spot in Alto Palermo which offers a selection of high-quality replacement parts. “As bikers, we know the kind of problems that arise after you purchase a bike, so we are able to offer the client our services and provide different solutions for them,” says co-owner Paolo. Paolo noted that they try to keep the workshop relaxed, clean, and organised so that clients feel comfortable sticking around while their bikes are being repaired. You can have a cup of coffee or do some reading while you wait, and once repairs are done, bikes are washed and left looking brand new. Araoz 2785, Palermo. Open Monday to Friday from 10 to 8pm and Saturday from 10 to 1pm.

Canglia Bicileticas: It has many branches throughout the city but the one in the Recoleta at Libertad 1238, Capital Federal is known to me as it is new. It is chic and trendy boutique offering a wide range of stylish bikes and accessories. Link

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Post available in: English Español


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