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Brazilian Super Sized Irrigated Farm becomes available

This farm is located 758 meters of altitude, in the hydrographic basin of São Francisco. It is located in the division of sub-basins of Grande river and Corrente river with Porcos river draining to the direction of the Grande river, Guará rive, Porcos rivers and Mato steam draining into the Corrente river. The farm is used for livestock and the production of soy, corn, coffee, cotton, sorghum, millet and barley. The access to the farm from the municipal building of São Desidério can be: 27 kilometres along BA462 road; then 65 kilometres along a good quality road until the village of Pedras. It is 23 kilometres from São Desidério to Barreiras. Barreiras which has many stores, dealership of agricultural machines and it is connected to Salvador, Brasília and all north and south of the country by road and, it has an air connection to all of Brazil.

Location: Bahia, Brasil

Asking: USD 68,700,000 **

Code: BRARF103

Land Size: 11,418.63 ha

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