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Brazil´s Hotel Industry adopts new star rating system to become more competitive internationally

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The Brazil hotel market is booming in the build up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. But what the country has boasted in momentum it’s also lacked in transparency—until now. The country has launched the Brazilian System for the Qualification of Accommodation Options, a rating system that classifies hotels from one to five stars. To use the symbol, hotels must endure a qualification process from the Ministry of Tourism.

In June 7th, the Minister of Tourism, Pedro Novais, signed off the ordinance that formalizes the new system, developed by the Ministry of Tourism (MTur) in a partnership with the National Institute of Industrial Metrology and Quality (Inmetro).

The system adopts stars as a symbol, varying from one to five, that identifies the categories for each type of accommodation. The use of this symbol, according to the ordinance, will be exclusive to organizations that have been through the qualification process of MTur.

According to the President of Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Board), Mário Moysés, the model adopted by the country observes a global reference standard for tourism services. “With standardized international reference information, foreign tourists will be able to count on one more precious information element when choosing Brazil as a destination. With better quality information we become more competitive in the international market”.

With SBClass, Brazil is following a global trend and it is leveled up with leader countries in the segment, which are either creating or revising their qualification systems, as a strategy to strengthen their tourism activities. The Brazilian model has been developed based on the case study of 24 countries.

To request qualification, which will be valid for 36 months, the accommodation locations must fill out the forms available at After the documentation is analyzed and approved, inspection is carried out aiming to assess compliance with the requirements defined in the qualification matrixes. Audits will be performed by Inmetro technicians.

Seven types of places will be eligible to qualification: hotels, resorts, farm-hotels, bed & breakfasts, historic hotels, inns and flat/apart hotel. The enrollment of accommodation locations is voluntary. The pre-requisite is to be in the registration system of the outsourcers of tourism services of the Ministry, the Cadastur.

The ordinance will be effective 30 days after it is published in the Official Gazette of the Federal Government, when the interested parties will be able to access the forms for enrollment in the system. Costs concerning the inspection, which are the responsibility of the accommodation locations, will be defined in a charter by Inmetro.

Brazil has recently experienced a big boost in its popularity abroad, helped by its robust economic performance and a more active role in the international arena. Its image is frequently associated with a casual and healthy lifestyle, friendly people, and a beautiful combination of rainforest, mountains and sea. As a consequence, tourism inflows have increased dramatically over the past few years and international property investors are quickly realizing the huge gains that can be made in this fast growing emerging market.

At the centre of the new Brazilian tourism push, the coastline of the north-east boasts a host of established resorts that already attract Brazilians in holiday mood, alongside greenfield sites that will soon be new-build homes. This region, made up of nine states, is currently leading the charge for international property growth, with a spurt of new developments and some heavy marketing drawing a new generation of property investors.

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