Bono and the widow of Steve Jobs invest in education in Argentina and the region

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The leader of U2 along with other philanthropists like the founders of EBay and Linkedin decided to bet on a project to develop digital skills.

Bono, the singer, and leader of the legendary band U2 is one of the investors of TICMAS, a new educational project that will drive the development of digital skills and competencies for the 21st century in the country and in the region.

Bono along with other celebrities who are philanthropists are part of the Rise Fund, which is the new investor of TICMAS, the company responsible for carrying out the project.

In addition to Bono, The Rise Fund includes Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Pierre Omidyar (eBay), Laurence Powell Jobs (widow of Steve Jobs), and Mo Ibrahim, one of Africa’s most-watched philanthropists. The fund is Global and very committed to social and environmental work. The project in which he invests in Argentina is from the VI-DA group, which seeks to close the literacy gap and expand digital literacy in Latin America.

Two other funds are involved in the investment: Raising Equity, which focuses on projects in India and Latin America, and Omidyar Network, which first disembarks in Argentina.

TICMAS responds to the acronym of “Technology”, “innovation”, “Science”, “mathematics”, “Art” and “social”. The platform is focused on the secondary level and seeks the development of digital skills and competencies for the 21st century within the school.

In Latin America, 90% have mobile broadband coverage, but only half of that population is connected to the Internet. The other half does not have the possibility to incorporate the use of digital tools.

“There is a unique opportunity to address the literacy gap in Latin America,” said Johanna Posada, of raising Equity. Eliza Erikson, Partner of Omidyar Network, considered: “We believe that Grupo VI-DA has the capacity to help people in Latin America improve their digital skills and learning experience.”

“We feel honored to partner with some of the world’s leading investors to expand our products and launch TICMAS. I am convinced that the most direct way towards a better quality of life is education, “remarked Viviana Zocco, CEO, and founder of Grupo VI-DA.

The platform aims to unite the entire educational community. The schools accompany them in the digital transition and simplify the management of the courses. Teachers receive tools to more effectively adopt the technology. Each student is guided according to their learning pace. And she also acts with parents who are kept informed of the progress of their children and are provided with a link to the school.

Source: The Clarin

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