Blockchain will track 50 million trees through Investancia and EcoMatcher partnership

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The groundbreaking new partnership will use blockchain technology to record, view and measure the growth of 50 million Pongamia trees to be planted in the Paraguayan Chaco forest over the next decade.

Leading agro-research company Investancia has teamed up with EcoMatcher to track a large-scale reforestation project using EcoMatcher’s blockchain-enabled digital tree-planting platform.

Over the next ten years, 50 million trees will each receive a unique QR code in Investancia’s tree nursery. Once the trees are planted, each QR code is scanned with EcoMatcher’s TreeCorder app to register the tree’s GPS location and planting date. All data will be saved on the EcoMatcher blockchain and produce a detailed, large-scale visualization of the land Investancia has reforested. Moreover, Investancia will be able to collect data points, including the amount of carbon dioxide the trees sequester and oilseed yields. The partnership ensures full transparency of the entire supply chain and life cycle of the Pongamia trees, which will be planted in the Paraguayan Chaco – South America’s second-largest forest.

Investancia CEO and Founder Marcel van Heesewijk said: “The Paraguayan Chaco is one of the most rapidly deforested areas in the world. To combat this threat, Investancia is using cutting-edge technology and resources. We are thrilled to partner with EcoMatcher to strengthen our reforestation program and ensure this valuable ecosystem is preserved and protected.”

Through blockchain technology, Investancia will track the performance of its reforestation projects across 125,000 hectares of degraded cattle land. In 2021 alone, Investancia will reforest more than 2000 hectares of land in the Paraguayan Chaco.

“The partnership with Investancia is our first licensing program of its kind, mapping large-scale reforestation projects. It has resulted in world-first features, like linking trees’ QR codes to location data. Investancia is a fantastic partner to work with,” said EcoMatcher CEO and Founder Bas Fransen.

The tropical dry forest of the Chaco is home to some of the richest and most biodiverse ecology in the world. It is home to endemic and endangered animal species and indigenous communities that rely heavily on the forest.

Investancia has worked on world-leading research with the Pongamia tree, which is used in their reforestation programs. Native to India and Australia, the trees are adaptive, allowing them to grow on degraded land, flood and drought resilient, yet are non-invasive. Besides sequestration, the trees also produce pods containing oilseeds high in protein and vegetable oil.

Source: Investancia

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